Best SKORAs for Winter Running


“There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear choices.”

With winter upon much of the northern latitudes, winter gear selection must be considered. 

Here at SKORA we consider our leather something special and a great option for the very colder months.

The two models are FORM & CORE.

FORM is 13mm thick with a fully leather upper constructed of goat and sheep skin. There are many benefits to leather, but when discussing the winter exclusively, the double leather on FORM does a superb job of keeping the foot warmer.

With its small perforations cold air does not pass through the shoe and onto the toes nearly as easily compared to a mesh shoe material. The leather on form also keeps out snow and slush quite well.

CORE is slight more minimal than FORM. Its toebox is also slighter wider. The biggest difference in the upper is that this model has only a single layer of leather with a mesh liner. The larger perforations also mean air flows through it quite easily. This shoe is not nearly as warm as FORM in the winter, but compared to a super breathable and thin mesh upper, it still does a fantastic job of keeping snow and slush off of the feet.

Aside from the leather options. TEMPO is our most cushioned shoe and has a nice set of lugs. This shoe will hold a pair of traction devices quite well and is thick enough to easily put some screws into the sole.

While we would never suggestion that some of our footwear is bad in the winter, some models do have characteristics that many people may find more favorable for the colder months.

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