Articles of Interest

Here are some of the best articles we found this week. Hopefully you can find some time over the weekend to enjoy them!

Cramping My Style | Joe Uhan at | “I wish I’d known more. I thought I did. But sometimes knowing what we do not know is nearly as good.”

People Eat Less After Harder Workouts: Small Study | Kerry Grens at Reuters | “While the study shows promising cuts in calorie intake in the short-term, it’s unclear whether high intensity exercise can affect longer term weight loss.”

How Ketogenic (low carb diets) Work | By Prof. Grant Schofield at | “There is now strong evidence to show that low carbohydrate diets are safe and effective treatments for several conditions, and have some likely positive effects for other conditions.”

Running Slows the Aging Clock | Erin Degitale at the Stanford School of Medicine | “”Runners’ initial disability was 16 years later than nonrunners,’” Fries said. “By and large, the runners have stayed healthy.””