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We hope you enjoy these articles as much as we did, and that you can find some time this weekend to sit down and check them out!

Barefoot Running May Lesson Knee Pain | Scott Douglass at Runners World | “One take-away from this study is to consider introducing barefoot running to your program if you have a history of knee pain that hasn’t improved despite other attempts to address it.”

Beards Better at Altitude, Say Scientists | Jon Doran at Outdoors Magic | “The results were quite extraordinary,’ says Dr Wayne Gillette of WIPPS. ‘Those subjects who remained unshaven not only produced superior test results, but reported much improved performance on the mountain. The longer the beard growth, the more effective it seemed to be.'”

Desk Jobs can be Killers, Literally | Richard Lovett at The Washington Post | “The message is clear: Sitting still for hours at a time might be a health risk regardless of what you do with the rest of your day.”

How Much Carbohydrate, Protein and Fat You Need To Stay Lean, Stay Sexy and Perform Like A Beast. | Ben Greenfield at | “So sorry, Wheaties, but it’s true: you don’t actually have to be a carbaholic to be a good athlete.”

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