Articles of Interest

Why Do We Overeat? | Huffington Post | “A confluence of genetic predisposition and environmental influence conspire to make unhealthful foods — sugary, salty, fat-filled snacks — appealing, desirable and even potentially addictive.”

Long Term Health Benefits of Physical Activity | Research Article | “the purpose of this article was to review long-term effects of physical activity on the development of weight gain and obesity, CHD and type 2 diabetes mellitus in healthy adults.”

The Secrets of Mo Farah’s Success | Richard Gray at The Telegraph | “n an attempt to understand this transformation, The Telegraph asked biomechanics experts at Run 3D, a spin out company from the University of Oxford, to analyse footage of Farah’s running new style to see what elements might be helping to make him so fast.”

The Bison Got Away | KTVQ TV | “The sight of such an injured bison alone is rare, but what Wypyszinski saw next was once in a lifetime.”