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Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest

Each week we scour the web for great articles go pass on to you. Below are the best of what we found, hope you enjoy!



Each week we scour the web for great articles go pass on to you. Below are the best of what we found, hope you enjoy!


Training Advice
When It Might Be Safer to Run Indoors This Summer / / “High humidity is particularly rough on the body because sweat forms quickly on your skin but doesn’t evaporate off.”
Supplements. What Works and What Doesn’t / / “Studies back them up…Really?”
The Only 2 Technique Tips you Need for Good Running Form / / “let’s go over a few “Do’s & Don’ts” of good running form.
The 5 Day Countdown to Your Next Race / / “What workouts should you do in the week before a trail race?”
10 Things I Learned During my 1st Timed Ultra / / “I swear to God I could have hit my goal of 120 miles if I didn’t have to crap and pee so much.”

How to Not Become a Crazy Person Around Food / / “With so much contradictory nutrition information out there, how is one able to sort through all the bulls*#t to determine what a healthy diet looks like?”
Peanut Butter Banana Mug Cake / / “Sometimes simple is better. And it doesn’t get much simpler than a mug cake.”
7 of My Favorite Iron Rich Food / / “It’s estimated that up to 80 percent of Americans don’t get enough iron in their diet! That’s a scary number.”
Artificial Sweeteners: Is the Evidence as Sweet as These Substitutes? / / “are any of these sweeteners really any better than the others –or perhaps, riskier?”
5 Food Trends that Fascinate Me / / “here are five trends I’m betting my health on”

Are You Getting in the Way of Your Own Success? / / “I realized that I habitually do several small things that weren’t helpful if I wanted to be successful.”
20 Things We Should Say to Ourselves More Often / / “A mind well trained with positive affirmations has the right thoughts queued up and ready for retrieval at a moment’s notice.”
How to Get Better at Anything / / “The best way to learn good habits is to give yourself daily tasks so easy that it’s unthinkable that you can’t succeed.”

You Know You’re a Runner When… / / “You’ve peed outside a lot more than the average person.”
Seattle Stairway Foot Tour / / “Where there are hills, there are stairways.”
Can Running Fight Depression? / / “For some people, it’s possible that running, or a combination of running and treatment, may be just what the doctor ordered”
Six Things You’re Doing That Elite Runners Aren’t / / “The art of ‘zero’ recovery”
Electronics Etiquette in the Outdoors / / “Then suddenly, from ahead on the trail I catch the displaced beat of some overplayed Top 40 song”
Degeneration? More Like Normal Aging / / “If you don’t have some signs of degeneration, then you’d be “abnormal.””
Child fitness falls further than feared / / “Of more than 300 pupils aged between 10 and 11 who took part in the study the researchers expected that children with a lower BMI would do better than the heavier children they measured six years ago.”

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