Articles of Interest

To go along with your long run this weekend, we hope you enjoy these long reads as well.

Dear American Consumer | Scientific American by Patrick Mustain | “Dear Consumers: A disturbing trend has come to our attention. You, the people, are thinking more about health, and you’re starting to do something about it. This cannot continue.”

How Exercise Affects Sleep, and Vice Versa | Runner’s World by Scott Douglass | “Getting up early could give you the time for a morning run, which could then lead to a better night’s sleep, which could then lead to waking up earlier and refreshed, which could give you the time for a morning run, and so on.”

About Barefoot | Successful Natural Horsecare | “Horse’s hooves should expand and contract with every step. They can’t do it if their hoof walls are clamped with an iron hoop and crucified with seven nails.”

A Bible on Overhydration | Outside Magazine by Joe Spring | “The ACSM guideline that one should not lose more than two percent body weight is contrary to the published evidence and the findings in elite athletes that drinking ‘ahead of thirst’ impairs exercise performance.”