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Articles of Interest

Articles of Interest


We’re always scouring the web looking for the best articles to pass on to you.

Hope you learn something new!


We’re always scouring the web looking for the best articles to pass on to you.

Hope you learn something new!


Running shoe reveal: Study links max cushioning, higher load | | “People actually land softer when they have less cushioning”

5 Ways You’re Wasting Time in the Gym | | Great suggestions for the runners who don’t want to spend time doing gym work!

Run Better in the Heat | | “During a workout or a race in the heat, your performance suffers for three different reasons

Why I Don’t Recommend Training by Heartrate Monitor | | “Perhaps the biggest limitation to heart rate training is that many changes in your heart rate do not correlate to your fitness level”

3 Common Beginner Running Myths | | “I had a recent question from a beginner runner that got me thinking about common mistakes we make when we’re starting out. Here are some that come to mind…”


The Power of a Well Packed Lunch Box | | “It’s a lot easier to make a packed lunch than you think. But yes, you do have to get out of bed.”

Eat Like a Kenyan, Run Like a Kenyan | | “The top Kenyans are exceptional runners, and their diet only helps”

6 Reasons Why You Get Hungry | | “Those who eat faster, eat more. Slow down! “

Naturally Sweet Vegan Nutella | | “3 simple steps and 3 simple ingredients make up this better-for-you naturally sweet vegan nutella.


Choosing the Right Running Shoe | | “Pronation, for instance, does not seem to be a problem requiring correction.”

Why Can’t We Fall Asleep? | | “Here’s what is supposed to happen when you fall asleep.”

What is Happiness? | | “Next time you think about happiness why don’t you think about these 5 constructs.”

Doing These 9 Uncomfortable Things will Pay Off Forever | | “I think the best methodology is to every day or week set a task or find a situation that makes you slightly uncomfortable. Do that thing. This will incorporate the experience into your model of ‘normality’ and hence expand your ‘comfort zone”

Exercise during adolescence linked to lowered risk of death later | | “Women who participated in exercise as adolescents had a reduced risk of death from cancer and all causes in their middle and older ages.”

The Repeated Bout Effect | | “If Nothing Changes, Nothing Is Going to Change”

Interview with Ultra Runner, Mike Wardian | | “It is just running, don’t take everything so seriously!”

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