27 Reasons to Not Run a Marathon


Running 26.2 miles is most definitely an astonishing feat, but not everyone is meant for it.

Fall is a very busy marathon season, Twitter is full of race results and people complaining about taper madness. Seeing all this can make a marathon very temping for non or new runners.

With that in mind, here are some reasons to not run a marathon.

1. You may have to start running more.

Having a goal race is a fantastic way to give new motivation and drive to your running. Generally 40 miles per week is a recommended minimum weekly mileage. Hope you enjoy it!

2. You might become a shoe horder.

Laundry day at SKORA


3. Your social life may change.

Instead of happy hour at the bar, dart league, staying up late playing the latest Xbox game, your social life may shift to long runs on Saturday or runches instead of hanging around the break room at lunch.

4. You might lose some friends.

But you’ll gain new ones! With the change in social hours, changes in friends may take place. You may find yourself joining a running group. Maybe some of you will meet up for breakfast or coffee after the run. Perhaps you meet another runner and you do lunch runs together.

5. The gym may lose your membership.

The outdoors is open 24/7, weekends and holidays


7. They break you down.

Covering 26.2 miles on foot is no small endeavor. You will suffer, you will experience pain, there may be bloody nipples, and you will want to quit. But you won’t! You will overcome that little voice in your head that tells you to STOP, you will persevere, and you will come out of it stronger than when you started.

8. Running Sucks

Until you actually step out of the front door and start that beautiful relentless forward motion. A Runner’s High will probably even show itself now and then. Your legs will float effortlessly and your breath will come without a second thought.

9. You have to eat, a lot.

40 miles a week of training burns roughly an extra 4,000+ calories. You might have to take an extra helping of stuffing or a second slice of apple pie. So sorry.

10. People may start associating you with running.

People start associating you with running


11. You might get lost

Doing the same routes repeatedly can become tedious. You may find a newly formed sense of adventure. You may also find new areas of town, coffee shops, or trails that you did not even know existed. Explore!

12. You might never experience knee arthritis

Contrary to what your non running friends say, running may not ruin your knees.

13. Others may be inspired by you

A friend, who in the last 10 years has probably not ran more than a mile total, recently told me that his wife and himself have added short 30 second to 1 minute jog intervals into their daily walking routine. He said they’ve become inspired to do their first 5k next year!

14. New Problems

Like chafing, having to shower more often, and accidentally eating the occasional bug while running into a headwind. But runner problems are better than cardiovascular problems.

15. You’ll have to step out of your comfort zone.

Running for a few hours without stopping is likely outside of the comfort zone for most people. But how are you to ever grow, experience new events, and thrive if you never leave your comfort zone?

16. You might have to ask people for money.

Many runners choose to run a marathon in support of a charity. This will make it more difficult for you to quit training or not finish the race, if you’re doing it to support someone else.

17. You may have to purchase new pants.

Training for a marathon could cause unexpected weight loss. This may require you to go shopping for new clothing. Such a hassle, we know.

18. You might get the urge to do other cool stuff.

Why stop at a marathon? Hiking, rock climbing, paragliding. Being awesome comes with the territory.

19. Other, previously “hard” tasks, start to feel easier.

Funny how after you do something you previously thought impossible, other obstacles don’t seem so difficult.

20. You might have to travel.

Rock and Roll Vegas, Disneyland, warm southern races in January. Destination marathons are great family vacations.

21. “Only”

Becomes a more common part of your vocabulary. It was only a 5k. I’m only running 10 miles this weekend.

22. You may have to get a running related tattoo.

running related tattoo


23. Marathons are expensive

From the awesome swag at the pre-race expo, the live on course music, the super cool technical t-shirt with the race logo and sponsors on it, to the beautiful medal you receive along with the inspiring sites and sounds you experience along the course, it costs a lot of money for organizers to put on a 26.2 mile run!

24. You’ll start to experience running related things that your non runner friends don’t understand.

Such as this and these.

25. You might start to smell your shoes.

SKORA shoes smell great


26. You might actually run it.

Congratulations, you just had a near life experience!

27. Ultra Marathons

You might get the urge. God help you.

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