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I am an English teacher, writer, and Track/Cross Country coach in Jacksonville, Florida. An avid runner since the age of 12, I’ve participated in both Track and Cross Country at the high school level, but never lost touch with the sport I’ve loved, even if running has never fully loved me back (frequent injuries). In 2010 I embraced the minimalist running movement and went from a life of hard training followed by injury induced breaks to injury free, real running. I believe shoes should flex and move with the foot, and that they can and should be removed during some training sessions. With such thoughts in mind, I found and have joined SKORA Running as ambassador.

In the past year I have completed four marathons. These include the Wipro San Francisco marathon, Thunder Road Marathon in Charlotte, Jacksonville Bank Marathon, and The Goofy race and a Half Challenge. In addition to longer distances, I run numerous races ranging up from mile sizzlers, but can be found most days chasing after high school runners during practice. Currently I plan on running three marathons in 2013, one ultramarathon, and numerous shorter distances.

Twitter: @stamgator