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I love running. I love everything about running. I am a ultra running nerd. When I am not out logging long miles I am home looking at race results. I played soccer as a kid and loved skateboarding. One thing I didn't love was running. And then at the age of 31 my friend, who was a runner, told me to start. I couldn't even make it around the track once without walking. I tried a 5k and another, and a bunch more. Then I went straight to 50 miles. I have been hooked for ten years now.

 I have finished many ultra races ranging from 50k to 50 mile, and most recently a 24 hour timed event. I have thrown in five or six marathons, but prefer ultra races instead. Most of the time I just run super long for fun. It grounds me and brings me back to the basics in life. That's why I love SKORA "real running" shoes. Just a basic shoe, yet  perfectly detailed, designed, and thought out. A shoe that actually works with the foot instead of against it. I see many great races and finishes while wearing the SKORA brand. 2013 has been a great year so far. I have run my fastest mile, went my furthest distance, and logged my longest week of running. On occasion I even push my little 4 year old daughter on runs to have some special bonding time. There are three things in life that mean the most to me. My wife, My daughters, and my running. A vegetarian since 1989, I strive to be the healthiest I can be at all times.

 Look me up and say "hello." Let's even schedule a run and finish with some natural refueling and good conversation. Have fun running and remember to Run Real.


Twitter: @RayRunsLong