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AMBASSADORS - Mike Wilkinson

 While always active growing up playing team sports, I never really started running until the age of 19 when I joined the Marine Corps.  Overnight running became a fundamental part of my life and of course an integral part of my physical fitness program.  I ran my first marathon, fittingly the Marine Corps Marathon, back in 1993. My longest training run was just 7 miles and to this day I remember paying the price for several days after my 4-plus hour finish.

 After separating from the Marine Corps in 2002 I became a bit lazy and took to a sedentary life style.  After a year or two something happened in my life, a wake-up call if you will, and I knew that I needed to start taking better care of myself.  I immediately turned to what I knew best, running.  At first it was just to shed a few pounds and to get back into better shape.  I would register for difficult events such as the Barr Trail Mountain Race or Pikes Peak Marathon mainly just to force myself to remain active.  I never set any real goals other than just to finish.  The more I ran I realized that “just finishing” was no longer good enough.  It was time to really push myself.

 As my training became more demanding I started to experience injuries and overall soreness.  On one particular early morning run I partially ruptured my right calf and continued battling injuries to my lower legs for a couple of years.  It became so frequent that I almost gave up on running altogether.  That’s when I started researching more minimal footwear and running with a more efficient gait. 

 The transition took time and it’s definitely still a work in progress.  What I’ve learned, however, is that with footwear that doesn’t get in the way and running efficiently I’m able to train longer and faster while remaining pain and injury free.  Thanks to SKORA and their mantra of “Run Real” I’m in the best running shape of my life.


Twitter: @Wilk5280