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During my freshmen year of high school I was wearing size 42 pants and weighed 230 pounds and depressed. Years earlier I had been in a car accident. In the past I had been quite athletic, but was reduced to having constant back pain for 2 years. I was never teased in front of my face, but behind my back I'd catch remarks from classmates and even relatives. I was “big Kyle”. The mental and physical pain I was very hard for me.

The first day of the summer before my sophomore year was the first day of my new life. Since I could not run, I created a home gym in a spare room and started lifting weights as well as completely changing my diet. Previously I had been a gamer and lived off of soda, Doritos, and fast food. My new diet was based on whole foods. Every weekend I would cook chicken breasts or turkey burgers for the entire week, and bring my own lunch of lean meat and vegetables to school. I still ate fast food, but it was subs and healthier options such as what is available at Arbys.

Now I am a graduate of South Dakota State University with a degree in Clinical Nutrition with Dietetics Specialization. I've ran thousands of miles, biked across North Dakota, finished an Ironman triathlon, and ran 100 miles in a single day.I am the Social Media Coordinator for SKORA as well as a running coach to numerous athletes around North America. 

I am proof that the words "oh, I could never do that" are completely false! If someone says that to me, I tell them where I've come from, and that shows that that they can! It does not have to be running a marathon. Anything you become passionate about, you can make yours! Be it playing the violin, rock climbing, learning a second language...Whatever your goal, it does not matter where you've been or what you are. What matters is where you CHOOSE to be and what you choose to do!

Twitter: @kyle_j_kranz