New Season. New Kicks.

AMBASSADORS - Evelin Mortensen Henderson

I'm a Swedish born Norwegian national who grew up in an active home where activities like skiing (started at the age of 2.5 years), hiking, basketball and soccer were implied. At age 17 I moved to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, and spent the next 11 years freelancing in fashion, arts and music while saving up to be able to travel the world. My travels ended up being the reason I now live in the US, as I unexpectedly met who was going to be my future husband on a beach in Thailand. We made The Big Island of Hawaii our home and that's where you'll most likely be able to see me running around with a smile on my face.

I started running at the age of 29 and haven’t looked back a single time. I went from being one of those who thought running is boring, to a person who loves every single moment of being a runner. Even during those hard interval workouts or when foam rolling makes me want to cry. So far my focus has been on shorter races, like 5k and 10k, but I’m aiming at adding some miles and hopefully finish a Marathon (or more) in the near future. While the roads have been my companions and preferred surface until now, the trails are starting to call my name.

I might not have been in the running game for years and years, nor am I the fastest one around, but what I do have is an unconditional love for the sport. With running entering my life I found my own strengths, lots of happiness, challenges and a burning passion for running. The challenge of going a little bit further or faster brings me an edge in life, which I have been craving for years. As I keep lacing up my SKORA's, focusing on and working towards new running adventures I enjoy spreading the love of running. Running is so much more than a way to stay physically fit - to me it's a way to live and love life to the fullest!