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For me, running is a journey. Each time my foot leaves the ground, propelling me forward, I learn something new about my body. My ankle bends, my calf muscle flexes, my knee springs into action and so it goes, all the way up to my mind paying attention to the rhythm of my breathing. This is my body communicating with itself to keep me running, whether it is 2 miles or 13.1.

I began to enjoy running when I began to listen to my body and pay attention to these messages. At the base of this system of communication, it is of the utmost importance that my feet are able to send those messages, unaltered by “corrective” technology in my shoes.

Currently I live in Portland, Oregon where I enjoy running and cycling around the city, discovering new landmarks and interesting sights every day. I have also trained and competed in North Carolina, New York State, and New Zealand. I am passionate about local beer and really anything fermented. I like to experiment with food and make my own, whole-food, energy snacks. Simplifying the foods I eat by paying attention to each ingredient relates to simplifying my running by wearing SKORA shoes; they become an extension of my feet rather than a modification.

I enjoy traveling and backpacking, trying new foods, and photographing my adventures. I have visited more than a dozen countries and hope to continue to see more of the world. I am very interested in finding destination races that give me an excuse to travel and allow me to connect with the local running community wherever I am.