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I never wanted to be a runner. I was terrible at it. After leaving the Army, I vowed to never run again. A few years later, I was leading a mostly-sedentary life. I'd venture to say I was the most unhealthy vegetarian on the planet. When cancer hit my family, I was moved to enter a race for charity. But only one. I wasn't completely convinced, but enjoyed the changes my body underwent, and reveled in the peace running brought me...away from the stresses of life.

I ran my first half marathon, then my first marathon. I spent several years road racing, but wouldn't call it "love." I wanted something different. I was drawn to trail running despite my terrible form and clumsy gait. I quickly fell into a group of regular trail runners. And where you find trail runners, you find that other breed. Ultrarunners. This was the different I was searching for. And I loved it. I dove in headfirst and found this was a place where I could excel...endurance. I was awarded first place in my AG during my very first ultra experience. And then my fate was sealed. In 2013 I tackled my first 50 miler and my first 24 hour race. All in the quest to see how far my feet will take me. There's no limit. And I'm taking my SKORAs with me!

I have a passion for people. Aside from a trail in the woods, my favorite place to be is with runners, new and experienced, in my community. I pace races for a local race company, and enjoy taking first-timers across the finish line. My goal is to prove to people that anyone can do what I do. They just have to want it badly enough.