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Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, I began running upon joining my high school’s Cross Country and Track & Field teams. Peaking as a 4:31 miler, and searching for a new challenge, I discovered triathlon after graduating in 2006. Since then, I have fully embraced triathlon as a lifetime sport that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Now entering my eighth triathlon season, I have completed dozens of Olympic and Half-Iron distance races. Regularly finding myself on the Age Group podium, I hope to make the jump to the Overall podium this season as I have been spending less time sidelined by injury, thanks in part to embracing minimalist running.

After years of dealing with all of the typical runner’s injuries including joint aches and pains, stress fractures, and plantar fasciitis, I had shunned the doctor’s prescription of putting orthotics in my already super-cushioned shoes and started strengthening my feet. Slowly I transitioned from heavyweight cushioned training to racing flats to SKORA shoes over the course of a year. This transition not only helped my plantar fasciitis, but banished the join aches and pains as well. If it’s not zero drop, I won’t wear it.

I attend The John Hopkins University where I am working towards a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineers with a focus on Computational Fluid Dynamics on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). My thesis involves the development of a GPU-centric fluid-particle interaction code to investigate the effects of particles on turbulent fluid motion. I attribute much of my work success to my athletic endeavors. Getting a good swim, bike, or run in each morning helps me focus my energy on my work through the course of the day!

Twitter: @mannotmachinery