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SKORA TRE 2011 Booth

The Running Event (TRE) earlier this month in Austin, TX was SKORA’s first trade show and brand launch. Pulling off an event like this is not exactly...relaxing. But, hard work has its rewards.

For us, the greatest reward was finally being able to share our story, face-to-face, with shoes in hand. With so much buildup, excitement, speculation, you name it - the moment the booth was complete with lights on and shoes hanging - was the moment it all felt so Real.

SKORA’s reception was fantastic. Everyone - from the retailers who had never heard of us, to those who have been following us faithfully, took great interest in what we are doing as a company.

We set out to create the best running shoe, because as runners, we deserve the best. And more importantly, to help runners stay injury free, for life. When it comes to running shoes, we believe that performance can be beautiful.

To those of you who have been following, encouraging, and believing in us, we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for spreading the SKORA love, helping us get the word out, and being the driving force of what we’re trying to achieve. We hope you stay along for the journey. Run Real.

SKORA TRE 2011 SS12 Collection photo SKORA TRE Team

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  • By SKORA

    Hi Justin. Each runners will wear down a shoe differently. But, with our higher density rubber & EVA you get a shoe that not only provides better ground feel but higher mileage. Here's a photo of a pair of BASE shoes that passed 600 miles.

  • By Justin

    If the sole lasts three or more seasons, then the price is justified. However, I go through soles on the minimalist shoes (same issue with other shoes before converting) quickly as I push a jogging stroller with two kids in it - for a total of 60 pounds plus stroller weight. There is simply no way I can avoid this deviation from "proper" minimalist running technique unless I left the kids at home with Mom and Mom has ruled this out. Now that supply of minimalist shoes is meeting demand, I will stick to the 100 dollar price range as this is where the market seems to prevail.

  • By Mike

    I am a little skeptical of the reviewer when they say to use it as a casual shoe... A real runner uses his shoes just for running, and never for walking around...

    I too am intrigued by Skora and am on the fence about getting them also. The price tag is just a nail bitter in this current economy.

  • By SKORA

    Hi Roland and Claude - thanks for the interest and questions. We set out to build the very best running shoe possible. That includes using some of the finest materials available (like Pittards goatskin from the UK). We are also a small company without the resources or volume of the brands you mention.

    One minimal running shoes blogger explains it best:
    <blockquote cite="">
    How about the $195 pricing?

    With new technologies and high quality materials for shoe construction come high prices. SKORA Running is a small start-up and cannot manufacture these shoes at bulk rates like Nike or New Balance or Saucony – SKORA will eventually get there though. The SKORA FORM uses premium Pittards goat skin leather on the uppers and Pittards sheepskin leather for the inner lining. A simple pair of Pittards leather travel slipper goes for over $85! A pair of Dexter bowling shoes with Pittards leather goes for $170 at Sports Authority. Quality leather commands a premium.

    Look at your investment with the SKORA FORM in another way – you have two shoes in one: running and casual. This will replace two pairs of shoes. If you have a pair of Merrell Barefoot Road Glove ($110) and a pair of Merrell Barefoot Tough Glove ($120), your investment is $230. Compare that to $195 for the SKORA FORM. Or New Balance Minimus Road ($105) and Minimus Life/Wellness ($80) for a total of $185.</blockquote>

    Read his complete SKORA shoe review here:

    Finally, we offer 30 day returns on our products as long as they are in sellable condition. Learn more about our return policy on our site.

  • I also run in NB Minimalist 10's and Nike free 5.0 id;both are comfortable and have a barefoot feel to them although they are not zero drop. They both range in the lower $110.00 area retail (not including shipping & Tax).

    I have no problem making the leap to a $200.00 Skora if the value is there; after all running is my sport and I run 7 to 10 miles a day 7 days a week. So the expense for the "Right"shoe is a bargain compared to other sports.

    My only question is similar to Rolands; should one gamble on trying a new shoe ?

    On one hand "no guts no glory" on the other we are in a recession and how many runners can afford to make a mistake ?

    What does Skora offer to alleviate this anxiety for the potential new customer?

  • By Roland Chu

    I have recently transitioned to minimalist running and is experiencing its great benefits. I started with the NB Minimus 10's, for which I have both the road and trail versions, and found them to be very light, flexible and extremely comfortable. Have done several longer runs on them and felt great after - a lot better than I felt during my thick-heeled days! Now, I feel I am ready for zero-drop shoes and is really torn between the Skora and the upcoming NB Minimus Zeroes. My gut tells me to go for the NB's owing to my personal experience with the Minimus 10's and NB's track record as a shoe company (Skora is an upstart after all), however the Skoras are too damn attractive and intriguing to ignore. Another comment I have with the Skoras - why are they so dear ($195!)? Can someone out there help me make a decision?

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