How to stay active on vacation

We asked our Ambassadors for their best advice for staying active while traveling, here's what they had to say. Leave us your favorite advice in the comments section!

Geoffrey Alonso

Exercise first. So you have the day to spend doing the fun things. Tyler Hurst

Be selfish and plan your day around your workout. Like Geoffrey said, it's way easier for everyone to do it first.

Kyle Kranz

Look up a local group run at a running shop in the area!

Jeremy Sanders

Use the boardwalk at the beach early in the morning before the bicycle traffic takes over. Adam Sierakowski

Don't exercise at all. Enjoy your freaking vacation! You've almost certainly earned it over the other 51 weeks of the year. Greg Shore

When I travel, I search the internet for running clubs/tri clubs around that area. I then hit them up via social media to see if I can jump in for a workout. I have met great friends that way. Nathan CoachBeast Brown

I usually plan easy runs for the time I am on vacation and let that be it. And always do it first thing Tad Kardis

Bear spray (I'm headed to Yosemite and Glacier in a couple of weeks). Bryan Lamb

Depends on where you're going. The vast majority of my vacations allow me to be active (most are usually centered around a race) but even if they aren't, you can always fit in a quick run. Or a swim if you're going to a place with water. Jeremy Sanders

Pack your Skoras. Scott Schilling

Run outside! The scenery will certainly be more motivating than the tiny gym at the hotel and it'll feel more like exploring than working out.

Mark Lofquist

Hotel room work out 10minutes. 10x1min as many reps as possible: 2x{push ups, chair dips, air squats, sit ups, off} Brent Miller

I would say what others have said, take advantage of new scenery and go for a run, or a hike, with your traveling companions. Or research a few body weight excercises and perform 15 minutes of circuits. If you've got a body and a small floor space, you can get in an ass-kicking workout. Steven Stam

As we tell our runners, get your run in early. People want to go to the beach, golfing, etc. so you often won't have time to get your workout in. So get up early and enjoy the day after your workout. Michael R Baker

I try to change up my workouts when I'm on Vacation. Throw in a Fartlek using landmarks on the beach. Don't like looking too tourist-y? If you run to the places you want to sight-see you'll look like a local out for a run! Find a 5K/1 mile fun walk so you're whole family can take part in the event! Emilie Reas

Check out a map to find some pretty or interesting places you want to visit. Then head out for a run, let yourself get lost and sight-see along the way! If you're there for many days, try a different route each day. Running is the best way to explore, as you can cover so much more ground than walking, and can really connect with the place. Oh yeah ... and stash some cash for a taxi or bus, in case you get a little too lost Erin Nielsen

I always bring a resistance band or do body weight exercises like planks and pushups. Easy and convenient way to get a great workout. For cardio I'll either do an easy run or fun ways to break a sweat like paddle boarding or hiking Ben Pangie

Map out a sort of sight seeing route ahead of time - before you even get there. Or just go exploring... I always enjoy jogging through airports, makes for some interesting looks. Jeremy Sanders

Ha, you could use the airport moving-walkway-things like a treadmill by going the opposite way. Jared Fayer

Know where you're going and bring things to make sure you train. Ie- going to a beach area, bring googles, swim cap etc so you have no excuses while there. Pack running shoes, shorts, to run. Plus bring GPS watch if you have. Isn't always cool to load a new location into your training software like garmin connect or training peaks. That always gets me to run. And check out hotel gym. Even if it's a short workout, do it so you don't feel guilty when you have that 2nd frozen tropical drink

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