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Slowly Tri-ing: SKORA Base Review

Michael at Slowly Tri-ing wrote a review of the SKORA Base.

"Versatility: These shoes are great for running, but they are also perfect for biking or triathlon. Since I broke my wrist in May in a bike wreck, I've been a little chicken to ride my bike in my clipless pedals (silly I know). I had been riding in tennis shoes, and one day I looked down and my shoelace was untied. I almost panicked. If your shoelace were to get caught in the gears it would be an instant wreck! With the Velcro closure, they are great for a cyclist who wants the look and safety of a cycling shoe, but aren't ready to commit to clipless. In addition they are perfect for quick transitions in triathlon because they can just slide right on and again - no laces to worry about tying or tripping over."

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Read the full review here!

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  • Mimic a sprinter during your finish line surge. Pump the arms and get that cadence up!

    1 min ago

  • For most people, aiming for at least 30 miles a week will be great for just about any race distance goal.

    2 hours ago

  • @atdiehm You're not the first to bring this up, I believe. @MapMyRun

    3 hours ago