Which SKORA for Which Distance?

To customer service or on our social media, second only to sizing are questions on which shoe for which distance. 

This is quite difficult to answer on its own, as it comes down to simple personal preferences.

To someone who has never worn Form before, the answer to "Is the Form a good shoe for marathons" primarily comes down to:
1. What shoes have you been doing your long runs in?
That's often going to be your marathon shoe.
2. Is that shoe more similar or more dissimilar to Form?
You may want to go with one of our less or more cushioned options.
3. Are you looking for a lighter or lower to the ground shoe, or the opposite?
Some people like to race in a lighter shoe, but depending on distance this could change.

Of course Form is only an example. Any of our shoes can be put in its place and all of them have been used from the 5k to longer than a marathon. What makes both the super light Phase and our most cushioned Fit both shoes for any distance?

It all comes back to what the wearer is comfortable in. Simple as that.

Some may favor the responsive and nimble Phase for races, however others may prefer the cushioning of Fit. Unfortunately the question of which shoe is best for various distances is, "it depends".

If you have this or other questions, please visit our Facebook page or use the chat option below, and we will be very happy to assist you.

Jeremy ran a 3:04 marathon & 17:48 5k in Phase within a single week!

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  • Hi Brian, here is some food for thought:

    In essence, pronation is a natural and necessary movement of the foot. The arch shape changes from millisecond to millisecond while running and walking. Neither may be good uses to prescribe footwear based on.

    Feel free to email is at or contact us on social media if you have any further questions :)

  • By brian

    hi! i am a low arched and pronate. which one do you recommend? thanks

  • By Kyle

    Mohamed, our Phase is going to be the one that will fit a lower arched person best in that area of the foot :)

  • By Kyle

    Hey Stephan, the Core is our widest option. How much extra space do you have in front of your big toe? Less then a thumb's width?

  • By Mohamed Effendi

    For those people like me who has a low arch,which shoe you recommend?

  • By stephan

    Do you have anything a little wider in the forefoot than the Core? I've been running in those for a while, they're great for trails, but my right one the upper is starting to separate from the sole right at the widest point of my foot.

  • By Kyle

    Hey Tonya, For new runners or those looking to increase their distance, we generally recommend the Fit. It's going to be the best choice for most people's longer workouts and races.

    As for the stress fracture, best practice there is slow progression with the increase in your volume and smart training :)

  • By Tonya

    I'm relatively new to running - and have already had one stress fracture and on the verge of another one. I'm going to start training for a 1/2 marathon in May - what should would you recommend for me ?

  • By Kyle

    Hey Gil, I'm also a flat footed "over pronator" who runs anywhere from 50-80 miles per week. I've been pleased with all of our shoes, for those longer workouts the Fit may be the best option for you. It's my choice for longer or harder runs! -Kyle

  • By Gil Rodriguez

    What do you recommend for a flat footed runner. I train daily, I run anywhere from 7 milers to 12 milers daily. I usually will do a long run on SAT. or Sun. 22 miler.

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