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Doug at Health Habits is popular blogger from Toronto, CAN that does a fantastic job at passing on some of the newest and best information in health, fitness, and exercise. He recently reviewed the SKORA Base at the below link:

SKORA Base is a Bad-Ass Running Shoe

"Unlike some minimalist shoes which basically slap some rubber onto the bottom of a polyester sock, the Skora engineers have created an aysmmetric last shape with a curved bottom profile. And it’s that curved outsole which is supposed to mimic the natural foot shape and encourage a natural medial to lateral rolling motion which makes the Skora truly unique."

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  • By kyle.kranz

    Bill, our Fall/Winter 2012 collection has men size 13 available. As of typing this they can be pre-ordered. The collection will ship at the beginning of August!

    Kyle Kranz
    Social Media Coordinator
    Skora Running

  • By Billy Tention

    Do your shoes comes in size 13?

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