SKORA Base for Triathlon

This past weekend I raced in my first triathlon of the season. I competed in the Red Bank Sprint Triathlon. After today, I can say that the SKORA Base is my perfect triathlon shoe.

People can waste a lot of time in the transitions between the swimming, cycling, and running legs. From eating, drinking, racking bikes, putting shoes and socks on, sitting down, or anything you can think of. Over the past few seasons, I have tried to get faster in all disciplines of my racing, and shaving a few minutes off of a transition time is part of this.

In the past few years, I have always raced in socks. However this can be problematic. To put socks on after the swim means you're putting socks on wet feet and possibly sandy or dirty feet. Putting socks on after the bike means you're biking sockless, which some people don't like. Your feet are tired, sweaty and swollen after the bike, so putting socks on after the bike and before the run can be very time consuming.

I have been racing in the SKORA Base for a few months now. At first it was marathons and road races. Now I have moved into triathlon season. Since I bike sockless in my cycling shoes, I wanted to see if I can shave some time off my races by not wearing any socks for the run.

I have always loved the Base. From the moment I opened them last year I knew these shoes were for me. Obviously, I was attracted to the bright yellow design of the shoe, but that was just the beginning. Once I put them on, I couldn't take them off. They are so comfortable and have done me wonders. But I realized even more at the Red Bank Triathlon how much these shoes are perfect for a triathlon.

The reason the Base is a great triathlon shoes is because of the absence of laces, which were replaced by Velcro straps. These straps attach to the shoe at four different locations and more importantly, pull equally from all sides.

I have run in a different brand of shoes for the past 3 seasons. This year, I have finally found a pair and brand that I will stick with for a long time. With the Velcro straps on the Base, you never have to tighten or loosen them once you have your fit the way you like them. So this weekend, all I had to do was grab the shoe, and slip them on!

The upper material of the shoe is also extremely flexible. In the case of trying to grab the tongue of the shoe, all I had to do was slide my foot right in. You can actually stretch the entry point of the shoe a little bit by grabbing the tongue and then heel strap creating a more foot friendly shoe. This helped me not fumble with the shoe or getting my foot in and having to add more time when all I want to do is head out for the run.

It rained hard during the race. Most people that I saw were wearing socks and then shoes. After biking in the rain, having to slip a shoe on a wet, cold sock is possibly the worst feeling you want during a race. Also, having to put a sock on a wet, cold foot is extremely hard to do. Not me. I ran into T2 barefoot, racked my bike, threw my Bases on and was on my way!

I actually got some looks and someone came up to me after the race and asked how I had such a quick transition time. I told them it was really simple if you have the right pair of shoes and can run in them without having to fumble getting them on.

With the Base being extremely light and breathable, I didn't even notice the wet ground and didn't think how heavy my feet were. The water drained out of my shoes extremely quickly that it was a joy to run in them. There was no sloshing from the rain drenched sock or rain soaked shoe.

All it was, was comfortable running.

Since I have run in a few different brands of shoes for my triathlons, I am comfortable saying that the Base's are clearly the best option for triathletes. They are the most comfortable shoe I have been lucky enough to wear.

Being able to race in the SKORA Base and having the ease and comfort to quickly put them on is one of the reasons that I will continue to race in these shoes for a long time. I cannot imagine switching shoes and having the same positive impact that these have had on my racing.

If you're looking for a way to shave off time from your races, a comfortable shoe, then clearly head to the SKORA Running website and put the Base in your cart. You will understand what all the fuss is about during your first run. And after you pass so many people in Transition 2, you'll see that this shoe can't be beat!

Run Real Everybody!

Jared is a SKORA ambassador from New York. You can view his race report from the Red Bank Triathlon here!

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