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Running Hutch

Tiffany (aka Hutch) and her husband did a great He Said She Said review of the Phase and Form.

"Almost feels barefoot. Phase is wider and flatter through the arch than my Merrell Barefoot shoes and have a less constricted, more sock-like feel. Phase also has a slightly thicker toe box which is appreciated for protection. The heal of the shoe comes above some of my low-cut socks. These are my favorite shoes to wear around the house because of how light and comfortable they are."

Check out the rest of the review here!

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  • @nwcoastgal Cool, I can't wait to do a single race 8 years in a row. Need to stop moving around so much!

    4 hours ago

  • @nwcoastgal There's something great about repeatedly doing a race, to track your improvement over multiple years.

    4 hours ago

  • @drose0 Oh year, you got this. Be sure to have higher distance days and easier days, for some variation.

    4 hours ago