Rules to Run By

Rules of Running

There is no such thing as a bad run

The secret is, there are no secrets.

If something is not healthy with your body, take immediate steps to correct it.

Sometimes, run alone

Be gentle with the ground

You will gain more by learning from a bad race than easily meeting your goals

At least once a month, run a new route

Know that great achievements and PR performances involve great risk

Judge your success by how hard the work was to reach it

Consistency is the greatest correlation to endurance success

Sometimes, run with friends

You can’t make up a missed run, but a single missed run does not matter anyway

Share your knowledge with others

Silence is sometimes the best training partner

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  • Run the fringes. There is more to be gained from great stress on hard days, and great relaxation on easy days than to constantly run a "moderate" effort no matter the workout. Extreme modulation is key to improvement.

  • "Pain is usually your mind trying to convince you to quit." - my chiropractor.

  • Accept that some days you just won't "have it." It's part of the deal.

  • By AJ

    Don't forget to take your dog.

  • Listen to your body.

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