Plyometrics are one of the best things a runner to can besides running

There is a secret to running faster.

The problem is, the secret is different for everyone.

But, if there's one thing that's going to be high on the list of secrets, it's going to be plyometrics. 


One of the best resources on the internet is from John Davis, author of Modern Training and Physiology for Middle and Long-Distance Runners.

He writes,

Usually, training techniques in distance running are ahead of the science. A lot of things most runners and coaches would consider core elements of a training program, like high mileage, short repeats for speed, or long runs aren't supported by a solid body of science. And that's okay! Some things, like proper long-term development, just aren't well-suited for a laboratory study. What's really perplexing, though, is when training lags behind the science. One area where this is true is explosive strength training, and plyometrics exercises in particular.

John continues with a history and some background on plyometrics, however the gold mine of the article are the 12 and 16 week progressive plyometric plans.

John Davis Plyometric Program

You'll find a glossary of terms and information at the original article. It would be a disservice to your running if you don't incorporate these in to your running routine!

Below are some examples:

Plyometrics - Bounding
Plyometrics - Fast Skipping
Plyometrics - Lateral Bound
Plyometrics - Pogo
Plyometrics - Rocket Jump
Plyometrics - Scissor Jump
Plyometrics - Side Hop


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