Phase-X Review

Team SKORA member Graham gives us his thoughts on our new Phase-X.

"If you're a morning or night runner, you owe it to your safety to check this shoe out. You've never seen a shoe pop like this when headlights hit it. The whole thing lights up, not just some little tag. Enough about that, though how does the shoe run?"

Check out the entire review here!

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  • Getting enough calories in during the entire day may be more important than focusing on the 30 minutes post workout.

    2 min ago

  • There's almost always time “Almost everyone could forgo 30:00 a day of internet or TV time”

    2 hours ago

  • @jtaccarino Probably at the same goal pace, I would suggest. Probably faster. Assuming same conditions, course, etc.

    5 hours ago