• How to Use Beets to Race Faster

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    Beets the big thing these days when it comes to running supplements.

    And there is good reason for it.

    This isn't about why beets may make you run faster, but how to use beets to run faster!

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  • Your Changing Footstrike

    How your footsrike changes during a run

    People typically place themselves in to one type of movement group and assume they're always that way.

    However research shows that not to be the case.

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  • SKORA Sizing


    Sizing can be tricky when ordering apparel online.

    Even among a single brand, individual shoes may often be sized a tad differently.

    We do offer free shipping both ways within the contiguous US and we have a great return policy, however getting the proper size first is always preferable.

    Below we go through a few pointers on sizing. Read More

  • Plyometrics

    Plyometrics are one of the best things a runner to can besides running

    There is a secret to running faster.

    The problem is, the secret is different for everyone.

    But, if there's one thing that's going to be high on the list of secrets, it's going to be plyometrics.  Read More

  • What To Do When You Can't Run

    What to do when you can't run.

    First, don't panic.

    You must understand that breaks are beneficial.

    Rest is when you heal, be this from physical injury or emotional fatigue.

    Next, know that coming back from a break, you'll initially lose some fitness initially but when you get back to consistent running, you'll bounce right back.  Read More

  • Don't Wear Running Shoes Casually

    While wearing running shoes casually does not wear out the sole like running on in them well, it's important to know that walking, hiking, and standing in your shoes still can shorten their lifespan.

    Running can wear away the outsole due to the friction and movements of the shoes against the ground. This also slowly compresses the midsole in certain locations over time.

    Walking and standing in your shoes will not wear away the sole nearly as much as running, but it still can compress the sole and damage the upper due to the bending and flexing of the shoe during walking.

    We certainly like to wear our shoes casually as well as during training, and if you do this it's simply important to realize that they're not going to last as long as if you'd have a separate pair for your everyday wear.

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  • How to Run in the Heat

    Temperature Pace Adjustment

    With the summer months approaching, many of us will be experiencing warmer temperatures soon.

    Just as the seasonal cooling require a different approach to outdoor training, the warmer months require some training and mindset modifications.

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  • Shoe Characteristics

    SKORA Shoe Characteristics

    While we do feel our shoe design and layout is much more simple than that of most running shoe brands, some explanation may still be necessary for new customers.

    Below you'll find a bit of a breakdown of the options, to hopefully help you select your new pair. It is important to always remember that no matter what anyone else has to say, the best shoe for you is going to be the that's most comfortable and fits your needs most optimally. These are just suggestions!

    And of course, we're always available via email and often through the live chat here at the website if you have any questions!

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  • Grete Waitz


    Grete is a legendary athlete, who started as a promising young runner in Norway, became a world record holder, and went on to win the New York City Marathon nine times!

    On this date in 2011, Grete passed away from cancer.

    Below are some of our favorite quotes, to give you a peak into the type of person and athlete she was.  Read More

  • Post Race Event Recap

    Race recap

    You spend months training specifically for the big race.

    It takes minutes to hours for the race to start and come to its completion.

    The greatest disservice you can do to the time and energy that went into the training and execution of this event is to not analyze, learn, and grow from what you did.

    Below, you'll find a post-event questionnaire. Feel free to fill it out and submit it below to have myself respond back or copy the answers to ponder for yourself!

    Kyle @ SKORA

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