• Road-racing in KC

    Best road races in Kansas City

    Did you know Kansas City was recently dubbed “Coolest” city in America? It has great food (BBQ!), culture, a reasonable cost of living, and we’re hospitable.

    We’ve also got a pretty good race calendar – if you want to run a timed road race, you can find one just about every single weekend.

    Here’s my top five (ranked in distance order from longest to shortest). The Kansas City metro covers two states and both Missouri and Kansas represent on my list.

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  • The Aging Athlete

    Rest, is a good thing. - Bernard Lagat

    Each week we focus on a different topic on our Facebook page. Last week the subject was looking at running as we age.

    It became clear that one of the most important tools a runner over the age of 40 can utilize is strength work. Gretchen Reynolds mentions this in her recent article discussing why runners get slower as they age. Breaking Muscle's writer Jannine Myers has some great suggestions for strength work in her article as well. Read More

  • Emil Zatopek

    Emil Zatopek Birthday

    Emil Zatopek is one of the most legendary of runners the world has ever seen.

    In honor of his birthday, this September 19. We thought we would share a bit of information about him. Read More

  • Seattle Photo Shoot

    SKORA's Seattle Photo Shoot

    Through the Runner's Lens

    When I was asked to participate in a 2-day Skora photo shoot in multiple locations across Seattle, I of course enthusiastically accepted. Not only am I a bit of photography buff, but  a SKORA Ambassador and huge fan of the shoes from the beginning. Also I tend to be more of a solitary runner, so I was excited to meet more SKORA runners. All in all, this seemed like a fun way to spend two summer evenings. Read More

  • We all made it

    Photo: Jay Foss, Black Hills Trail Running Series

    Circumstances that are beyond complicated and equally irrelevant have me, a 32 year old man, sleeping in a toddler bed.

    While somewhat intriguing, the point is: we all have lives that exist independently of our running. Those lives can take a toll on the body both physically and mentally. As can an injury. For some of us this can be unnerving because those runs are crucial to maintaining balance in our lives. Read More

  • Dear lady on the treadmill next to me

    Dear lady on the treadmill next to me

    I was doing a long run on a treadmill last Sunday.

    This is not a common occurrence for me, but my "A" race of the season is a net downhill half marathon, and this specific treadmill can decline.

    The theory of race specificity dictates to train similar to the race settings, so I did a downhill two hour progression run. Yes, my quads felt it the next day.

    Anyway, back to the point at hand, which was the lady on the treadmill next to me. Read More

  • Being Mindful of the Trail

    Ankle stability & mobility blog

    One of the benefits of trail running is that, compared to road running, the trail offers a greater variation in surfaces so you work your body differently with nearly every footstep.

    For the same reason running in different pairs of shoes regularly may decrease overuse injuries, so can trail running - Different shoes, different terrains, etc all load the legs slightly differently. This spreads out the loading and impact forces to a wider range of body structures rather than hitting the same spot over and over again. Read More

  • Summer Giveaway

    Summer_Contest_Blog_635x411 Read More

  • Unwritten Rules and Weird Runner Quirks

    We runners are sort of a breed of our own.

    As a group may have some odd habits that are exclusive to our own or perhaps to other endurance athletes of various sports.

    There are a multitude of interesting habits most of us likely practice that simply happen without being noticed. Or perhaps they're noticed but they seem completely normal.

    But then again, we're runners...we're not normal.

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  • Must-Do Events in Western SoDak

    Must-do events in western South Dakota, including the Victoria Secret Dirty Half.

    Western South Dakota is a special place in the midwest, if heading west from the center of the nation it is the start of the mountains in the northern US.

    The Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota and Wyoming contain 1.25 million acres of hills, trails, lakes, and forest. Meaning there are some darn good running locations!

    Below, I'll highlight my 5 favorite race locations in the Black Hills! Read More

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