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Featured Website: Optimal Run Guide

Optimal Run

The Natural Running Store brought together 14 contributors to create The Optimal Run Guide. This is a conglomeration of advice from some of the leading experts in endurance training, technique, and practice.

In the five part #OptimalRun Guide, these accomplished coaches and athletes strive to answer the question, "What would it take to create the optimal running experience?"

Many of these running mentors even have SKORA running shoes in their rotation! It would be well worth your time to check out the different parts in the series, as well as the websites of the writers.


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  • One of the largest marathons in the US is this weekend, the Marine Corps Marathon, and we thought a tip on skin...

    6 hours ago

  • @yoja268 Hey, I wore @injinji & SKORA on this morning's run too! Did you match the shoe color and sock color, because I may have ;)

    10 hours ago

  • Basically it comes down to overuse injuries are not inflammatory issues, so icing may not be helpful

    17 hours ago