• Power of the Placebo

    Power of the placebo effect on running and cycling.

    The placebo effect is one of the most fascinating aspects of athletics.

    It takes that which should not work, adds in a sprinkling of faith from the user, and splits out improved performance.

    How this happens is a combination of a reduction in perceived effort (how hard something feels) and an increase in your potential motivation.

    Below, we'll go through some studies that have tested the placebo and discuss how you can use it yourself!

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  • Use disappointment as motivation

    How to use failure as motivation


    We all have bad runs, training weeks, or even whole training cycles leading up to a poor race.

    There are two ways consider poor time performances.

    1. You can look at it as a failure and get yourself down about it.
    2. You can look at it as a challenge and motivation to work harder.

    Let's dive deeper in to #2! Read More

  • 2016 Fargo Half Marathon Recap



    On May 21st I ran my first A race of 2016, a half marathon in Fargo North Dakota, USA.

    We'll start with what I've done leading up to the event, then move into what proceeded immediately pre-race, then go into how the run went.  Read More

  • I did X for Y days and this happened

    Have you ever done a health or fitness experiment for a period of time?

    Making a drastic life change for a short period of time is a great way to instill new lifelong habits. Going 100% for a mere 30 days can make going 50% for the next year quite manageable.

    Below are some interesting experiences people have had with life changes for a short amount of time. See what they learned and maybe you'll be inspired to try something new!

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  • What To Do When You Can't Run

    What to do when you can't run.

    First, don't panic.

    You must understand that breaks are beneficial.

    Rest is when you heal, be this from physical injury or emotional fatigue.

    Next, know that coming back from a break, you'll initially lose some fitness initially but when you get back to consistent running, you'll bounce right back.  Read More

  • Grete Waitz


    Grete is a legendary athlete, who started as a promising young runner in Norway, became a world record holder, and went on to win the New York City Marathon nine times!

    On this date in 2011, Grete passed away from cancer.

    Below are some of our favorite quotes, to give you a peak into the type of person and athlete she was.  Read More

  • Best Running Related Podcasts

    Best Running Podcasts

    For the long treadmill run in the winter to the summer commute to work, podcasts are incredible ways to pass the time and learn more about your interests.

    Below are a number of our favorite subscriptions.

    If you have more to add, please link to them in the comments! Read More

  • What to say when someone doesn't like running

    What to do when your spouse doesn't like to run


    Nothing at all.

    Instead, you show them how you like running, what it does for you, and how much it improves your life in whatever ways it may. Read More

  • Sir Roger Bannister


    The first person to break the 4 minute barrier in the mile, was born on this date in 1929.

    Aside from his obvious athletic achievements he was also a skilled neurologist, first chairman of Sport England, a British Knight, and has carried the Olympic flame.

    Let us go from his childhood, through the famous race, and afterwards, in his own words.

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  • Running VS Jogging

    Are you running or jogging?

    This is an interesting thought, but what is running?

    We're not referring to the philosophical question of "am I a runner?" or "when can I call myself a runner?" but more about the physical act of running vs not running.

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