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Some of our favorite articles we came across this last week!

Study: Hydration Guidelines Overstate Athletes' Fluid Needs | By Michelle Hamilton at Runner's World | "Research adds more evidence to the notion that drinking to thirst is enough."

Why Runners Don't Get Knee Arthritis | By Gretchen Reynolds at The New York TImes | "In fact, Dr. Miller said, the study’s results intimate that running potentially could be beneficial against arthritis."

The 10 Worst Foods (And Drinks) for Athletes | By Amanda MacMilan at Outside Magazine | "For starters, these 10 foods may have you fooled by their healthy-seeming claims—but thanks to hidden fat or sugar (or worse!), you're better off leaving them on the shelf. "

27 Mind-Blowing Tips for Health, Happiness, and Hustling Hard | Joe Vennare at The Hybrid Athlete | "Your personal rebellion begins with 27 mind-blowing tips for unleashing your inner badass. "

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  • The Ultimate Review Of The #PaleoDiet Backed By Science

    2 hours ago

  • Try making the long run (20%+ of weekly volume) a bi-weekly workout. Do a mid-distance tempo run every other weekend too.

    5 hours ago

  • @MagicofRunning @essayareayaitch Hmm Sioux Falls over Xmas...It's going to be cold. That's for sure. There should be a Christmas run.

    6 hours ago