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Articles of Interest

Here are some of our favorite articles we came across this week. Hope you enjoy them too!

How Exercise can Calm Anxiety | Gretchen Reynolds at | "In effect, the runners’ brains had responded to the relatively minor stress of a cold bath with a quick rush of worry and a concomitant, overarching calm.

Properly Stretching to Avoid Injury with Active Isolated Flexibility | Jeff Gaudette at Runners Connect | "The short version of AIF is that you need to dynamically stretch in order to achieve proper musculoskeletal balances that will allow you to stay healthier and train in a more consistent fashion for a longer period of time."

Learn to Apply the Kenyan Approach to Run Training | Neil Scholes at Kinetic Revolution | "The mantra of “Whatever you do in life do it well” applies to their and your training."

Our Voice: Is Obesity a Disease? | The Desert Sun Editorial Board | "The real motivation may be that if people believe their girth is a reflection of a disease, they’d better take it seriously."

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