To Use Insoles or Not?

Some runners prefer less. Others, more.

Some prefer none at all, while even more prefer as much as they can get.

Whether you prefer your insoles thick or thin, in or out, there’s no question that such a decision is an important one.

When I was first introduced to SKORA, I couldn’t stand the insole. Coming from nearly two years in those funky toe shoes, the mere 4mm in the SKORA FORM felt squishy and a little bit like cheating. But as I ran more and more and further and further, I came to see the insole as just another tool in my running arsenal.

These days I experiment with different sock thickness and insoles on a daily basis, using my distance and surface as a guide. Curious as to my peers run, I asked the SKORA Insiders for their feedback and compared it to my own choices.

Doing hill work? Good idea to leave that insole in, as each push off can be tough on even the most experienced legs.

SKORA Ambassador Tad K. gets it, saying: "Always socks and insoles for me. I don't need to adjust, but agree that you can alter volume by removing or swapping for a better fit."

Slow runs? No insole, baby! Such workouts are a chance for me to perfect my form, and immediate feedback is important.

SKORA Insider March B is on team insole-less here, as he says: "I love not having insole in the shoes as long as the shoes are seamless."

Long runs? Insole all the way. Since I often surprise myself with varying routes, I like to be prepared.

SKORA Ambassador Ben P. agrees, as he usually goes insole-less, "but for the VT100 I kept the insoles in my FIT and rocked the whole 16mm."

Track work? No insoles here. Similar to racing flats, an insole-less PHASE helps me focus on what’s important: quick turnover and a light ground push off.

SKORA Ambassador and running coach Nathan B. goes extreme, saying "I run no socks and no insoles in my phase, phase-x and forms. I leave the insole in my Fits. I have no explanation for this."

And then there’s SKORA Insider Graham M, who, like me, just can’t make up his mind.

He says, "I'm constantly monkeying with different shoe and insole combos. I'm liking FIT with CORE insoles."

Finally, our Social Media Coordinator and also a running coach, Kyle K, does some switching around as well. "I do a lot of very rocky technical trails, so have put Fit's thicker insole into Form, because I like Form's leather upper for the trails."

Which is correct? That’s up to you.

See you out there.

Tyler @ SKORA Running

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3 thoughts on “To Use Insoles or Not?”


  • By sandy

    I recently bought a pair of your shoes and I loved everything about them except for the removable insole. Due to a narrow anckles and wider heels my foot tends to slide in shoes with an removable insole. If I use any insole I experience pain in my arches
    I prefer shoes with a sewn in mininmal insole similar to merrell barefoot or the orginal NB MINIMUS.

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  • By Ken

    I too like to experiment and mix up my shoe/insole combinations. Intervals or easy/shorter runs, I like the Core with their insoles. For harder runs up to about 8 miles and racing 10k to 13.1 I'm digging the combo of the Core with the Fit insole. Long runs or if I'm feeling beat up and want some more cushion? Then I'm all about the Fit with their insoles.

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