Injury Prevention

  • Your Guide to Running Defensively

    Tips on being a safe runner

    While out running we're among other pedestrians, cyclists, and traffic.

    There's a lot going on out there, and every little thing we all do to help prevent accidents goes a long way to increasing the safety of everyone.

    Below are a number of thoughts and considerations you can take to be as safe as possible while out running!

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  • Why did I get light-headed post-race/run?

    This is a not altogether rare occurrence.

    You stop running and dizziness consumes your head.

    Why is this  happening and what should you do? Read More

  • Why & How: The Cool Down

    Often neglected and certainly not getting the attention it deserves, the cool down is important for a number of reasons.

    Below, I'll make the case for why you should take the time to move from a slow jog to a walk as you end your run. Read More

  • How to Avoid Black Toenails

    fb blog black toenail

    Contrary to popular running lore, black toenails are NOT a requirement.

    While flesh wounds are typically considered less severe than something like plantar fasciitis or shin splints, blisters and black toenails are injuries nonetheless.

    Below let's go through why, how, and what to do with black toenails. Read More

  • What to do after a morning long run

    What to do after a long run

    No, you cannot just eat ice cream and sit on the couch all day.

    But, that's not a bad idea.

    If you want to take your post-long run game to the next level, check out the below suggestions. Read More

  • What are Muscle Knots?

    fb blog muscle knot

    Chances are you've rubbed someone's shoulders and said "you have a knot" and have someone massage you and suggest the same.

    Like dark matter, "knots" seem to be some universal truth that we don't really know much about and assume to just be there.

    But, have you ever actually wondered what a muscle knot is?!? Wonder no more! Read More

  • Your Reading Guide to Plantar Fasciitis

    Your reading guide to plantar fasciitis.

    If you're suffering from this issue, below are some of our favorite articles on the subject!

    Please share any you may also have, or any general advice you've used to heal your plantar fasciitis issues, in the comments!

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  • Transitioning to New Running Shoes

    New SKORA Tempos

    "I've never used your shoes and am hoping to get them this week, since I have a marathon on Sunday."

    That is a direct quote from a potential customer, and causes me much concern.

    One of my golden rules as a runner is that any change in your running routine be done gradually with extreme care.

    Even a new pair of the same shoe model you've been running in for five hundred miles, needs to be transitioned in to.

    Let's discuss why Read More

  • ITBS Reading Guide

    How to beat ITBS

    As both a coach and someone who has ran thousands of miles, I've learned a thing or two about injuries.

    The primary lesson is that they are almost always from a combination of doing too much too soon before your body is ready and not giving your body ample opportunity to adapt and recover to the training load.

    Illiotibial Band Friction Syndrome is a hotly debated subject. The human body is a complicated piece of machinery and as much as we like to pretend, we actually don't know that much about how it works. For example, a new muscle was recently discovered! With ITBS, if you click on 10 articles you'll likely see a number of different causes and resolutions.

    Below are just a couple methods that may resolve the discomfort.  Read More

  • How I Beat Piriformis Syndrome

    How I healed my piriformis problems

    The most persistent injury I've experienced was a true pain in the butt.

    If you're familiar with piriformis, you know I'm not being cheeky. It's literally a pain in the butt.

    Here's how I managed to take control of this issue.  Read More

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