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[Image of an early concept sketch. Copyright Skora Athletics LLC]

It was late autumn 2007 and the planning process was set in motion. I spent the prior 2 years working out the idea in my head, evaluating Nike and Vibram's release of the first modern 'barefoot' shoes, and shaping what ultimately would become the essence of Skora.  I was energized to finally begin building a fresh and alternative running shoe company.  The goal was to create a sexy performance shoe which mirrored barefoot-style running form. I knew I couldn't do it alone.

I was fortunate to find an award-winning footwear designer who embraced the concept and was willing to embark on a journey to design something truly different.  The process was not without its challenges. We explored dozens of brand names concepts. We scrutinized over the tone and voice of the brand. We examined new material and structural options. We debated on the delicate balance of designing a barefoot-like shoe while maintaining key performance elements.  Designing a minimalistic running shoe is complex.  Form must follow function.  Starting a new company is invigorating, stressful, fulfilling and maddening - wouldn't give it up for the world.

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  • By Tim foreman

    After reviewing several current options for minimalist footwear, I'll be waiting for yours to be on the market. Can't wait to pre-order!

  • @Adam : Thanks for the support! Certainly a number of mainstream brands are moving towards a lower profile design - what astounds me is that it took us the runners (and authors) to drive the movement -- what were their 'labs' and 'pros' doing these past 3 decades?

  • By Adam


    I keep checking in here every few weeks super excited about your vision! Most of all what I am thrilled by is your dedication to a truly minimalist shoe. I am finding companies all over the web embracing the philosophy, and some even making what they think are drastic moves by creating "zero-drop" shoes, but it seems like it's more marketing propoganda instead of real change. Granted, I can't blame them for wanting to take baby-steps so they don't completely alienate their market.

    All this to say that I simply cannot wait to try a pair of Skoras on and go for a run! Keep up the good work, and know that you have at least me as a future customer!

  • @Martin : Appreciate your kind words. Working hard to make this project and dream become a reality.

  • By Martin - Brighton, UK

    Keep going David and co. I'm sure there are a load of people out there like me who agree with your thinking and are excited by the whole brand, philosophy, concept designs etc - look like the kind of shoe I want to be wearing when I'm running!

    Can't wait to get my hands (or feet) on a pair.

  • @ken ng : Thanks for your enthusiasm! The lace-less model is a streamlined and functional utilizing a slip-on design and z-shaped strap as well as a self-adjusting heel lock. We'll be sharing much more in the coming few months. Stay tuned.

  • By ken ng

    what does the laceless "shoe" look like? can't wait.

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