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Every year in early August thousands of active and outdoorsy types descend on Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show. There are over 1000 booths filled with everything you could ever want for hiking, climbing, paddling, camping and just about every other sport you could ever imagine doing outside... and even some you can’t imagine people do anywhere.

There is a great representation of shoe companies at OR, and while most of them are more traditional in their footwear selection, there is a rising tide of minimalist shoes. Kigo, Altra, Vivo, Luna, Vibram, Merrell all had booths and were very busy showing off their latest shoes. Even the larger, more well known brands are showing minimalist styles even if (in our view) most of them don’t quite get it yet.

SKORA shoes won’t be available in stores until February 2012 so it was too early for us to have a booth. We did manage to give some folks a look at the samples we had brought along, and the reaction was even more positive than we could have hoped. The energy and support we received at the show was a great boost to keep us sprinting forward in launching our new company. Special thanks to Barefoot Ted (Luna Sandles), and the folks at Altra, Vivo and Kigo for being so welcoming and honest.

Upon returning from the OR Show, we’ve been showing the shoes to select retailers in the Northwest and so far folks are really liking the shoes. It looks as if this long journey of creating SKORA shoes is going to take off like a rocket... We just hope we’ve ordered enough shoes for the Spring.

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  • By IZ

    From what I can see they look minimal enough. I have a small, usually size up a half size to an 8. Altra Adam rubbed my left foot the wrong way, VFF KSO work ok, NB minimus trails are ok, Mizuno Wave Universes are close, I have tried just about all of them and I am still looking for a barefoot feel with pebble protection. Hopefully you made it.

  • By MP

    The shoes look great. Please make larger and wide sizes; I wear a 14(wide)- 15(normal) US. I have the Trail Gloves; it seems all barefoot runners with large feet are wearing Merrell shoes out of necessity, not preference. I also have the NB Minimus 20's; they are snug, even in 14 2E US.

    Don't miss out on the market for larger sizes. I coach youth football in Maryland, right outside of DC. Next season, we will have all of our boys training in the same shoe. It must be a minimalist shoe because of the similarites to cleats; they have little to no padding. In addition, we want to develop strong runners. Although the boys range in age from 6-14, there are many players that wear a 13 US or larger. Hence, Five Fingers are out of the question. furthermore, I tried to reach out to them twice- no reply.

    Listen to the consumers- Go Large!

  • By GUT

    I am excited to see your new shoes come February. I run in Vibrams, Trailgloves, Evo's and barefoot. My shoe size is 15-16 so I only really feel the benefits of barefoot running when I am truly barefoot on my runs. The largest KSO's fit but are quite snug and the trailgloves fit in length are slightly too narrow to be ideal but still work for short to medium distance trail runs. I found the VivoBarefoot Evo's in a size 16 but they seem to be sized slightly small but are still larger than the others and have started to become my shoe of preference. What size range are you planning on releasing in February as I would love to purchase and try a 15 or larger if it is planned?

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