First Catalog Photoshoot

Our first real photoshoot reaffirms SKORA’s (long-awaited) launch is nearing ever closer.

Our day started early on a foggy Portland morning, the last weekend of October. With a crew of five: photographer, assistant, digital tech and two athletes. We took on the challenge of shooting in 5 locations throughout Portland, guerrilla-style...

We were fortunate to work with an amazing sports photographer that gets what we're about, and real runners that happen to look great in front of the camera lens.

The shoot was a great success, and we can’t wait to have the completed catalog early next year. We shared a few photos from the shoot on our Facebook page, see them here.

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  • First mile of a 5k: Ok, I can do this! Mile 3: I think I'm going into cardiac arrest and I might also throw up!

    20 min ago

  • @deborahilene I don't race in Phase because it's too minimal for me for that. But doing track workouts in them is like a training tool.

    1 hour ago

  • @deborahilene The stride will come. Then when you put in more cushioned shoes. BOOM

    1 hour ago