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This is an initial thoughts / unboxing post from The Run Commuters.


Heads up runners and run commuters!

The three of us here at TRC headquarters were given three different pairs of SKORA running shoes to review for you, so we will be testing them out over the next few weeks and posting a detailed, three-person review, so you will have all of the information you’ll need to make an informed decision before buying some for yourself.

Here were some of our initial thoughts after opening them up and briefly trying them out:

-The cushioning was minimal and firm, but comfortable. -The Forms fit very well. The nearest comparable shoe-feel that I’ve experienced is the New Balance MR10′s. -Though I was given a size 11 of the red shoes (Phase), I can still comfortably fit into the size 10 black Form. SKORA says their shoes run true to size, but I think they run quite long. I did notice that the size 10 didn’t feel very wide, which is a trend with most minimal, zero drop shoes.


Check out the rest of their article at!

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