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  • Review: SKORA Core

    Thanks goes out to the Rebuilt Runner for his recent review of Core.

    I ran on trails, roads, and grass so I got a good cross-section of how the Core handles on various terrain. They don't have deep tread so when I pulled them out of the box I was wary about how well they would grip the trails, but in practice they did a great job. The sole feels more like one solid piece than that of the New Balance Minimus (those ones are broken up into separate hexagonal pods) so you don't get quite the ...

  • Night Training Safety Tips

    This is a repost from Nathan Pennington at Check out his website for some excellent articles and coaching services!


    In the last issue we talked about training for your very first marathon. In this issue we are going to talk about important safety tips for training at night.

    If you are the kind of runner who is more comfortable running and training during the early evening rather than in the early morning or afternoon, then it is important that you employ ...

  • Real Response


    Did I say I love the shoes? I LOVE THE SHOES.

    Omg, I'm a SKORA girl for life now. They are amazing. They are sleek, comfy and just all around awesome. I put on my old shoes for crossfit at work during the week and immediately regretted it. They've all now be safely stowed away in the closet (or maybe I'll donate them to the local running store)."

    - @jessesco

  • SKORA Phase Review: See Me Now?

    The reviews from Ash at are some of the best around.

    So well written.

    Here he goes in depth about our Phase:

    "From above, the SKORA Phase is striking in its creative challenge to symmetry. The diagonal lacing structure complements the sans-tongue construction. And, the reflective, laminated overlays create a unique, highly visible pattern, especially when observed with both shoes side by side.

    In fact, the reflective overlays and ultra vivid toe bumper make the Phase one of ...

  • Articles of Interest

    Some of our favorite articles we came across this last week!

    Study: Hydration Guidelines Overstate Athletes' Fluid Needs | By Michelle Hamilton at Runner's World | "Research adds more evidence to the notion that drinking to thirst is enough."

    Why Runners Don't Get Knee Arthritis | By Gretchen Reynolds at The New York TImes | "In fact, Dr. Miller said, the study’s results intimate that running potentially could be beneficial against arthritis."

    The 10 Worst Foods (And Drinks) for Athletes | ...

  • Love at First Sight

    At least they were clean when she kissed them!

  • The Awesome Generation

    There is a recent article making the rounds in the running community:

    The Slowest Generation: Younger Athletes Are Racing With Less Concern About Time

    The author, Kevin Helliker, goes as far as to say, "But to some observers, that change contributed to a growing embrace of mediocrity."

    He quotes a statistic that states in the last 31 years the median men's marathon finishing time has increased by 44 minutes!

    Now, I completely disagree with mediocrity increasing with the increasing marathon ...

  • Articles of Interest

    Why Do We Overeat? | Huffington Post | "A confluence of genetic predisposition and environmental influence conspire to make unhealthful foods -- sugary, salty, fat-filled snacks -- appealing, desirable and even potentially addictive."

    Long Term Health Benefits of Physical Activity | Research Article | "the purpose of this article was to review long-term effects of physical activity on the development of weight gain and obesity, CHD and type 2 diabetes mellitus in healthy adults."

    The Secrets ...

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