• Triathlon Transitions

    We asked a couple Team SKORA members about their triathlon transition zones. Here's what they had to say!

    Swimming, cycling, running.
    Adam Sierakowski, Baltimore

    Those three disciplines take years of devotion to master, but we triathletes must remember that there is one additional discipline that can also make or break our race: the transitions.

    In races where every second counts and we work so hard to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch, we must not neglect the time we spend ...

  • SKORA Base for Triathlon

    This past weekend I raced in my first triathlon of the season. I competed in the Red Bank Sprint Triathlon. After today, I can say that the SKORA Base is my perfect triathlon shoe.

    People can waste a lot of time in the transitions between the swimming, cycling, and running legs. From eating, drinking, racking bikes, putting shoes and socks on, sitting down, or anything you can think of. Over the past few seasons, I have tried to get faster in all disciplines of my racing, and shaving a few ...