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  • Being Mindful of the Trail

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    One of the benefits of trail running is that, compared to road running, the trail offers a greater variation in surfaces so you work your body differently with nearly every footstep.

    For the same reason running in different pairs of shoes regularly may decrease overuse injuries, so can trail running - Different shoes, different terrains, etc all load the legs slightly differently. This spreads out the loading and impact forces to a wider range of body structures rather than hitting the same spot over and over again.
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  • Why Your Training Program is not Working


    The cliche saying goes that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

    But what happens when your plan is failing?

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  • Find the Recovery that Works Best for You

    Geoffrey and Beth at the Flint Hills race

    Becoming a better runner is not as much about running as you think.

    Running breaks us down.

    Weakens us.

    This includes both higher volume and harder running.

    It's during the days where we run nice and easy or not at all, that we get stronger.

    Stimulus (volume/key workouts) + rest = adaptation

    So now my question for you is, have you determined YOUR system for optimal recovery?

  • Skills You Need to Run Well

    Skills you need to run well.

    You've probably realized already that being a runner is not just going out and running.

    Having success (happiness?) as an athlete is a combination of many small tasks and skills thrown together.

    These are the little things.

    Things we may not realize early on in our running, but they tend to always show up either on purpose or on their own.

    Perhaps one of the below skills needs bit of a refresher in your head? Hopefully you can recognize this and take the reminder to heart!

    Ability to Run Easy


  • Reflections on the Easy Run

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    Easy runs may be the most ignored characteristic of a person's training.

    But I get it. What's exciting about running for an hour easy?!?!

    Yet, whether you're running 20 miles a week or 100 miles a week, miles at an easy effort should make up 75% of your total weekly volume.

    If this type of run makes up such a large chunk of your weekly mileage, why is all the focus on tempo runs, threshold workouts, or track repeats?

    Probably because a) those workouts are more fun to think about & b) ...

  • From Amateur to Advanced


    For those looking to simply enjoy the run, going out and running whatever feels good on that day is a great plan.

    However, for anyone looking to seriously improve upon their running fitness, proper planning and progression must be taken in to account.

    Simply going out and running will only get you so far in the way of PRs and the time will come when this "plan" will stop working. The day this happens is the day you are no longer a newb.

    Here's what comes next:

    Increase Volume

    This is likely ...

  • To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift


    Steve Prefontaine said that, years ago.

    Possibly the most quoted running quote...ever?

    It holds as a good reminder of how lucky we are to be able to enjoy the sport of running, and to not take it for granted.

    However, I feel it is also often misunderstood. To do your best is not always to do your hardest. Like time, your best is relative.

    2014-10-29 09.36.00

    During a track workout, doing your best may mean running at 110% of 5k pace for a number of 400m repetitions. No need to go faster, but you would prefer ...

  • Spicing Up the Long Run

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    Few things in running are more consistent than the weekend long run.

    One can easily get into the habit of getting lazy with this workout and just going out for 2-3 hours at an easy pace.

    Recently I was talking to an athlete with a Boston qualifying marathon time, who said she has never done anything but "get the miles in" during her long runs.

    If your weekend long run has become a dreaded boredom induced two hour slog, I'd suggest you take a peak at the below suggestions to spice it up a ...

  • How to adjust your running for the winter

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    Most high-profile events of the year are past, yet there are still plenty of shorter races this season.

    Thanksgiving is the most raced day in the United States, and then you often have races both on Christmas and New Years as well.

    If you wish to perform to the best of your abilities at these events, you must continue training into these winter months to stay sharp. When comparing winter and summer training and racing, there are a number of considerations of which you must be mindful.

    Mental ...

  • What to do in the "off-season"

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    Running is a winter sport that is merely played out in the summer.

    What this means is that the final long run you do 3 weeks out from your marathon that you spend hours trying to decide the distance of matters little.

    The 4 month training plan you do before the A race of the year is important, no doubt. However it still may matter less than what you do during the 4-6 months before that training plan.

    For many, the big off-season question is what the heck should I do?!?

    And that's a completely ...

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