• What to do if you get hurt before a race!?!

    Unfortunately immediately prior to an event is the time of the year when you are most likely to experience an injury or burn out.

    The reason is simply because you've been building up with distance, speed, and race specificity for months now. Training is getting more difficult and volume has been going up.

    Paying attention to your body is incredibly important as a race approaches. Recovery and key workouts are what matter. But what happens when you're a week or a month out from your autumn ...

  • Never Taper Again

    Taper. The word even sounds negative. It brings to mind images of dinner plates overloaded with pasta and athletes anxious because they are worried about how much they are not running. Yet, athletes also tend to use a taper as an excuse to slack off and not train.

    “oh, I’m tapering”

    On the contrary, the two weeks prior to the big race is the last time you want to start over eating and under training.

    Instead, do not taper, but peak!

    A peak should be something feared and respected by ...