• Dress for Success!

    Can dressing like a faster runner, help you run faster?

    Researchers have found that putting on a white lab coat and associating it with doctors or scientists can help you concentrate and make fewer errors.

    "The researchers at Northwestern University say that people associate the clothing with care and attentiveness, and therefore show 'heightened attention' to tasks when attired accordingly."

    During testing, "On those confusing items, people wearing the lab coats made around half as many ...

  • SKORA Style

    "One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art"
    -Oscar Wilde

    Aside from the performance, quality, and comfort characteristics of SKORA shoes, something else that stands out is the aesthetics.

    We have designed shoes that look as elegant as they feel.

    On Facebook and Twitter, we are very often told how people are constantly commenting on the wearer's SKORA shoes.

    While running, racing, or working out, we may not always feel our best. But at least we can look really good!

    Below are ...

  • Hobbit Feet

    Feet are an awkward subject. We cram them into stilettos, stiff leather, and steel-toes for the workaday world. We kick off our shoes with a sigh at the end of a long day. When life gets us down We seek the feeling of sand between our toes. A post on feet might seem odd, but being a minimalist runner, outdoorsman, and budding sartorialist, I thought I'd accumulate my knowledge of feet in a single place.

    Real "Barefoot/Minimalist" Running

    Your feet are workhorses: twenty-six bones, thirty-three ...

  • The Shoes Make the Outfit

    My history with shoes has been a long & frustrating one. In my early 20's (which seems SO long ago), I spent all my extra money on awesome shoes - not of the running variety and had not a worry in the world about my feet or what these "amazing" shoes were doing for me - or rather not doing for me.

    When I got pregnant with my first child my feet went from "normal" to something that would have resembled a large bear. After months of searching I finally had my feet measured and I was a 4EE ...