• What your mile PB means for your marathon

    Many would assume that the top speed you can run a mile at has little impact on how fast you can run a marathon or even an ultra marathon.

    However your top end speed does indeed affect how comfortable you are at longer distances.

    The 100m and 200m events are considered maximal efforts. That is about as long as a person can sustain their highest power output and speed. Anything longer is considered sub-maximal.

    In a 1500m event you may average 60% of your maximal stride power of a 100m race.

    In ...

  • Strides: What, When, How, Why

    Strides are a great tool to use during almost any run. They can spice up a recovery or easy run, add a bit of challenge to a long run, or help you warm up for a 5k. Below we'll talk about the very basics of strides.

    Strides are short accelerations in pace ranging anywhere from 20-60 seconds.
    These are controlled efforts, not all out sprints. After you reach peak speed, slowly decrease your pace. You should not require a recovery after these accelerations.

    There are multiple methods ...

  • Your 5 new favorite speed workouts

    Speed sessions serve a multitude of benefits. These include physically preparing the body for the stresses and effort that it will encounter during a race. Mentally, they show the athlete that they can run at speed and train the mind to deal with the discomfort that comes with it.

    The following speed workouts can all have their respective distances and/or paces modified to suit your goals and fitness level. And do not forget to always begin and end every speed session with a proper warm up and ...