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skora story

  • Testing in a Run Real World

    SKORA tester pairs
    In August we invited a group of runners to help us test the latest version of our Base and Form shoe models. (blatant plug: SKORA Shoes In Stores February 2012!)

    We really wanted to get some big miles on the shoes and hear from real runners about what we did right, and most importantly, what we did wrong when we designed our shoes.

    Runners filled out surveys that helped us determine which runners would be the best suited to give us fast, helpful feedback. It was very important for us to find ...

  • First reactions

    Every year in early August thousands of active and outdoorsy types descend on Salt Lake City, Utah for the Outdoor Retailer Show. There are over 1000 booths filled with everything you could ever want for hiking, climbing, paddling, camping and just about every other sport you could ever imagine doing outside... and even some you can’t imagine people do anywhere.

    There is a great representation of shoe companies at OR, and while most of them are more traditional in their footwear selection, ...

  • Things change, usually for the better...

    Product design and development is a process.

    A process that challenges not only your concept but also your patience and endurance.

    Over the past couple of months here at SKORA, one of our challenges was the fit and function of our strap system for our laceless shoe model. What started as a Z strap, then it morphed into a Y construct.

    Sometimes a concept is just that, a concept. It requires testing and honest analysis and asking the tough questions; Can we do better? Our passion to create the ...

  • Design into Reality (Almost)

    Heading into summer, things at SKORA are starting to heat up. We’ve had a really great and busy few weeks and are excited about a lot of things that are coming down the pike.

    We’re moving ever closer to the much-anticipated tester pairs. It’s thrilling to think that before long we will finally be running in the inaugural SKORA shoes - the journey has been long to get here.

    I’ve talked some about design versus reality when it comes to the shoes. Something that looks great on paper ...

  • Your Body’s Natural Cues

    I’ve talked a lot over the last couple weeks about where we are with Skora; it’s really exciting to see the progress that is being made, and the momentum that is happening so swiftly. So I wanted to take a step back and talk a little about the why of Skora, why minimalist/barefoot running is important.

    At the end of the day, what it all comes down to is running naturally. Our body naturally gives us cues when it comes to how far and how fast we can run, and how it should feel to when we ...

  • Development Trip

    As I mentioned last week, I recently took a trip across the ocean to China to meet the folks who will be making our shoe and get to know the factory where the magic will happen. I went over for a week to the Guangdong Province of China. This was my first trip to Asia and it was really an incredible week.

    China as a country was a real eye-opening experience. Despite the madness of people, cyclists, scooters and cars on the streets, there was no road rage. It really drove home how much the ...

  • The Last is First

    It’s been a while since I’ve written, but it feels good to be back! When I started this blog, it was to document my journey with Skora, to let you see the process as it unfolds, and hopefully let you learn something along the way. Skora is about authenticity, and we want to be able to share that with you every step of the journey.

    Since I last wrote, we received the first iteration of our shoe (which is called a pullover, but more on that later), an actual physical version to hold in our ...

  • From idea to conceptual planning


    [Image of an early concept sketch. Copyright Skora Athletics LLC]

    It was late autumn 2007 and the planning process was set in motion. I spent the prior 2 years working out the idea in my head, evaluating Nike and Vibram's release of the first modern 'barefoot' shoes, and shaping what ultimately would become the essence of Skora.  I was energized to finally begin building a fresh and alternative running shoe company.  The goal was to create a sexy performance shoe which mirrored ...

  • A really early '2nd skin' experiment


    I'm pretty certain I wasn't the first or the only barefoot running enthusiast to take a pair of socks (or pair of shoes) and MacGyver a minimal 2nd skin.

    It was the summer of 2003 and I was still getting used to the heat of Ft. Myers, Florida. Without question a mecca for year-round running. There was only one problem. The long summer made unshod running on the skillet hot pavement too much too handle. My running was limited to a frustrating 20 minutes.   So...

    I took a pair of basic low-cut ...

  • The beginning (Part II)

    [Image credit: Mouldfish]

    I spent days pouring over what little barefoot running content was available online.  Remember, this was 2002. Before Vibram FiveFingers, before Nike Free and before hundreds (probably thousands) of media articles and blog posts about barefooting.

    I couldn't help but feel betrayed by the footwear companies.  Lied to by my favorite running magazine.  Saturated with a renewed knowing of how I should run, I planned my inaugural barefoot run the following day.

    It was a ...

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