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  • Heading to Boston: Tad Kardis

    Continuing with the Boston Marathon bound ambassador interviews, Tad is up next!

    Tell the readers a bit about yourself. How and why did you start running?

    I didn’t start really running until about age 39. Years ago, I thought of myself as a soccer player, and running was just a necessary evil to get in shape to play soccer. I ran in my 20s and 30s to stay in shape, sort of. Approaching 40, I resolved to get rid of 40 pounds that had mysteriously accumulated on my torso, so I started running ...

  • Tempo Sneak Peak #2

    SKORA Tempo sneak peak.

    We're one step closer to the launch of our newest model for 2015!

    Last week we dropped you a Sneak Peak, but here's a few more facts:

    • 22mm of stack height (cushioning)
    • Zerodrop sole. Same heel and forefoot height.
    • Under 8oz

    As you can see from the below graphic, the shoe features a negative flared outsole like all of our shoes. The goal of this feature is to allow for proper foot movement and speed compared to a shoe with an outsole that flares out.

    The single piece upper on TEMPO is an ...

  • Heading to Boston: Jeremy Sanders

    Meet Jeremy Sanders, SKORA ambassador running the Boston Marathon this year!

    Tell the readers a bit about yourself. 

    I am a 38 year old Graphic Designer living is Stephens City, Virginia with my wife and 2 boys. It wasn't until I was 35 years old that I realized I was a runner; and a pretty good one. It has been a wild ride ever since.

    How and why did you start running? 

    I started running because I needed a distraction; a hobby. I was facing a lot of stress with owning a business, working a ...

  • TEMPO Sneak Peek #1

    Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 1.36.26 PM

    Hey folks!

    The wheels are turning here at SKORA and we wanted to give you a few teasers of our upcoming collection, primarily the new model coming out!

    It’s the perfect blend of “Minimum Parts. Maximum Comfort.”

    More details to come!

    Be social and share!

  • The Running Event, 2014

    SKORA at The Running Event

    The SKORA team just wrapped up a successful showing at The Running Event in Texas, and a recap is in order.

    The Running Event (TRE) is one of the first times brands get to show off new product slated for the upcoming year to media and retailers. Not open to the public, TRE is primarily for brands to meet retailers and promote products to magazines and blogs.

    For retailers and distributors, it's a chance to seek out the coolest new items and talk to brands, while keeping an eye on what ...

  • Nudity, trail tumbles, and equipment malfunctions; Oh My!


    Runners have been called crazy, they've been called overly dedicated, and they've been called masochistic. But after hearing a few of these stories, there's one more word that you may have not thought of: comedians.

    The following are a collection of stories from our SKORA Insiders and, from what they tell us, are all completely true.

    Our first story has Mike Spangler attempting to impress his now-wife with his creek-jumping skills. Classic case of "hey watch this!" (he even said it!) and, ...

  • Obstacle Course Racing in SKORA

    Every athlete evolves.

    When I started running 10 years ago, my first run was in street shoes.

    I was a complete novice, but also a quick learner readily listening to my body . And in this case, my feet were telling me “please buy a pair of running shoes.” With little thought, I bought the first pair I saw at the store.

    Not long after lacing up my new sneakers, the evolution continued and I started signing up for trail running races. My love for the sport quickly grew as did the race ...

  • A Message From Our Founder

    To our runners,

    In just two short years, SKORA has become something greater than we ever imagined, and none of this would be possible without you. Thank you for sharing our passion for running, for telling your friends about us, for being our loyal customer and joining the SKORA community.

    Since launching in early 2012, SKORA has become an award-winning, global footwear brand. Our team has been laser-focused and fanatically dedicated to delivering on our mission:
    To elevate and enhance the ...

  • What's new with Spring/Summer 2013

    SKORA women's collection ss13
    With the launch of two new models, Core and Phase, many may be curious to know exactly what differentiates them from our inaugural shoes, Form and Base.

    This page will serve as a casual and to the point comparison of the differences between all SKORA models, to guide each runner to the style that is the best fit for their needs. Detailed descriptions of each shoe are available in our store.

    RO2 on Core and Phase
    Outsole Tech

    Form and Base are built on the R01 platform. This abrasion and wear resistant chassis is ...

  • Behind the Design: An Interview with Designer Richard Kuchinsky You’ve been involved with SKORA since the very beginning. Can you tell me how the concept for SKORA first started?

    RK: I met with SKORA CEO and Founder David Sypniewski in late 2007. In 2002, David, a runner, had been sidelined from injuries sustained while wearing conventional running shoes and had started barefoot running as a part of his recovery plan. He had an idea for an extremely minimal running shoe and brand and had asked me and my consultancy, The Directive ...

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