shoe advice

  • Socks or No Socks in SKORA?

    A common question we get about our shoes, is about your socks.

    We've designed our footwear to be as seamless and smooth inside as possible, all in an effort to reduce the potential areas for hot spots to develop on your feet.

    This also opens up the possibility to go sockless in our footwear, if one so desires.

    There are a number of benefits to wearing socks, because they may keep the...
    1) shoes cleaner by absorbing sweat.
    2) feet warmer in the winter since they can help insulate.
    3) feet ...

  • To Use Insoles or Not?

    Some runners prefer less. Others, more.

    Some prefer none at all, while even more prefer as much as they can get.

    Whether you prefer your insoles thick or thin, in or out, there’s no question that such a decision is an important one.

    When I was first introduced to SKORA, I couldn’t stand the insole. Coming from nearly two years in those funky toe shoes, the mere 4mm in the SKORA FORM felt squishy and a little bit like cheating. But as I ran more and more and further and further, I came to ...

  • Best SKORAS for the Trail

    While we do not make trail specific shoes, we do have a couple models that will be perfectly adequate for all but the most wet and muddy trails, and even then you may be good.

    The characteristics of trail shoes that most distinguish them from road shoes are more prominent lugs and rock plates to protect the bottom of the foot from sharp stones.

    When we are asked about trail running and our shoes, the three models that are generally recommended will be CORE, FORM,. and the new TEMPO.

    CORE ...

  • How to Pick Running Shoes

    "A good shoe cannot help you win races or run faster, but a shoe not fit for your running needs or foot shape can no doubt impede your ability to run well."

    How to pick the optimal shoe for you may be one of the most misunderstood aspects of running.

    For years it was standard practice to go into a specialty running store and have the employees examine your feet for how they are shaped and in what way they move.

    You've likely experienced this. Barefooted, you walk back and forth or stood ...

  • Which SKORA for Which Distance?

    To customer service or on our social media, second only to sizing are questions on which shoe for which distance. 

    This is quite difficult to answer on its own, as it comes down to simple personal preferences.

    To someone who has never worn Form before, the answer to "Is the Form a good shoe for marathons" primarily comes down to:
    1. What shoes have you been doing your long runs in?
    That's often going to be your marathon shoe.
    2. Is that shoe more similar or more dissimilar to Form?
    You may ...

  • How to Wash Running Shoes

    With shoes that have lasted people 2000 miles, it becomes important to keep them kept clean.

    It would be such a shame to have to throw away a pair of shoes just because they smell but still have a few hundred miles left.

    There are a number of ways you can both prevent shoes from smelling and looking their age, as well as a few to help freshen up a pair.

    The world famous stink of the Vibram Fivefingers is due to people rarely wearing socks in them, which meant the shoes soaked up the ...

  • Running in the Desert

    Grenade posted some of these photos on our Facebook page, and we asked him if he would mind writing an article about his experiences with our shoes, especially in temps above 100 degrees!

    Not too long ago, I decided to switch to more minimal running shoes.

    Naturally I had my concerns, as I do not run on only one type of surface (I mostly run trails). I have the fortunate pleasure of traveling due to my work. So when I went on the hunt for my first pair of minimalist running shoes, I brought ...

  • Zero Drop Conversion

    I ran consistently from 7th grade through my freshman year at the University of Florida.

    This stretch included logging many a mile in whatever shoe seemed stylish or cheap or eventually highly rated, supportive shoes. They got me through track and cross country; I paid little attention to them other than function.

    When I returned to consistent training post college, I had goals in mind, run long races, tackle what seemed impossible. I failed and did so a lot. Injuries were my bane. After years ...

  • Hobbit Feet

    Feet are an awkward subject. We cram them into stilettos, stiff leather, and steel-toes for the workaday world. We kick off our shoes with a sigh at the end of a long day. When life gets us down We seek the feeling of sand between our toes. A post on feet might seem odd, but being a minimalist runner, outdoorsman, and budding sartorialist, I thought I'd accumulate my knowledge of feet in a single place.

    Real "Barefoot/Minimalist" Running

    Your feet are workhorses: twenty-six bones, thirty-three ...

  • Does Pronation Matter?

    You know the drill.

    The shoe salesman watches how you stand, barefoot or in shoes.

    Next you walk back and forth, jog in place, maybe on a treadmill. Barefoot and maybe in your current shoes.

    This ritual has been drilled into peoples' heads for decades, yet, it may not matter. Or more appropriately, it may matter in that it does not really matter.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-07 at 2.15.37 PM

    A few studies in the last few years have looked at how shoes prescribed based on a person's foot affects injury rates, and results have been quite ...