• Confidence

    "I know what I can do, so I never doubt myself"
    Usain Bolt

    Whoever you are, good running comes down to being confident.

    You take two equally fit runners, but the one with the confidence of Usain Bolt will always prevail.

    But what is the best way to actually determine what you need to do? What methods can be used to gain confidence?

    Enter the benchmark workout.

    These are basically training sessions that cover close to or all of the goal distance at the goal pace, with some recovery between ...

  • Consistency is King

    "Eating seven apples on Saturday night instead of one a day just isn't going to get the job done."

    When it comes down to it, picking a training plan really does not matter.

    As long as it fits into your schedule and gets you running, you will likely reap great fitness gains.

    Most new athletes can improve their running times and distances with any decent plan. The majority of them are fairly similar. They all help guide the athlete to faster and longer running.

    In a recent New York Times blog ...

  • Flat, Fast, and Forgiving. 1st time Ultras

    Thanks to Joshua at for the finish photo from the Lean Horse Ultramarathon!

    There are numerous reasons for the ultra marathon boom of the last few years. The popular book from Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathon Man, has been an inspiration to many. Born to Run has definitely gotten people out the door and running. More sponsorship dollars are pouring into the sport. And people are looking for another new challenge.

    For those runners looking to move onto something different, ultra ...

  • How To Prepare for Race Day

    “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”
    - Alexander Graham Bell

    For many runners, race day is the payoff for their investment in the time and effort of running and training. To ensure that an event is successful, good preparation is needed in all areas: mental, physical and otherwise. From the seasoned veteran to the first time 10k runner, connecting the dots of race preparation will help reveal your true potential come race morning.

    Here are 7 tips to help you prepare ...

  • Eugene Marathon & Bloomsday 12k

    Greetings runners!

    For most of us, the warm weather heralds peak racing season. Here in the Pacific NW of the US, home of SKORA headquarters, the list of local races seems endless. We are very excited to announce our presence at two great events: The Eugene Marathon and the Lilac Bloomsday 12k. The organizers of both events each host an expo in the days preceding their respective race.

    The 2012 Eugene Marathon is held on Sunday April 29th. Last year nearly 7,000 athletes crossed the finish ...

  • 500,000 steps and still going strong

    Shoe durability and longevity are reoccurring topics on forums and between runners when discussing shoe of choice. 300-500 miles is when most shoes are replaced. At this point in the life of a traditional shoe, EVA compression may become noticeable to the runner, affecting his or her running form. However, a shoe with a well built sole may have its upper fall apart far before the sole wears through.

    A good pair of shoes with plenty of miles on them fits like an old baseball glove. Perfectly ...

  • Testing in a Run Real World

    SKORA tester pairs
    In August we invited a group of runners to help us test the latest version of our Base and Form shoe models. (blatant plug: SKORA Shoes In Stores February 2012!)

    We really wanted to get some big miles on the shoes and hear from real runners about what we did right, and most importantly, what we did wrong when we designed our shoes.

    Runners filled out surveys that helped us determine which runners would be the best suited to give us fast, helpful feedback. It was very important for us to find ...

  • Does Barefoot Running Cause Injuries?


    [Image credit: ClintJCL]

    For all of the articles that pop up out there about barefoot running and it’s benefits, there are some naysayers out there. Recently, Matt Fitzgerald wrote about the topic on

    The article goes on to raise a pretty hefty case against the barefoot/natural running movement, asserting that we should look beyond just feet when considering the biomechanics of barefoot running, and include potential spinal issues and existing bio-structural problems.


  • Top 10 features to look for in running shoes

    Everyday it seems the running shoe market is growing larger. The walls of your local running store are probably overflowing with the “newest and greatest” minimal shoe. So how do you choose from this glut of lightweight shoes? We at SKORA have amassed quite a bit of knowledge in the last few years from designing and developing our shoes, and we wanted to share some of that knowledge with you.

    There are ten major characteristics that we’ve identified that should be considered when ...

  • Finding what's right for you

    [Image credit: drinksmachine]

    Barefoot and minimalism have come a long way in the last few years; I’d be hard pressed to see anyone today coating a sock with rubber to make their own minimalist footwear. The market is full of minimalist options, barefoot beginner guides and the still-popular over engineered, over-cushioned, stabilizing running shoe.

    I’ve talked before about choice and listening to your body. But what about when your body can’t make up it’s mind? Matt Frazier at ...

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