• Earndit + Gympact

    Being paid to train is a dream of many amateur athletes.

    Money is a strong motivator. Imagine how much stronger it becomes if you can also be penalized with it.

    During a Mayo Clinic study, participants who were paid or penalized $20 for reaching or failing a weight loss goal were nearly 3 times more likely to even complete the 12 month program than those who had no financial incentives.

    Consider a professional athlete. For them, financial motivation can mean having food on the table or not. If ...

  • Introducing Polar Beat

    Polar Beat
    Introducing Polar Beat. The smartphone app that shows that you're serious about training! If you use a Polar Heart Rate Monitor, you will love Polar’s smartphone app, Polar Beat. It puts the functions of your Heart Rate Monitor on your iPhone 4s or 5.

    Polar Beat
    All you will need is:
    The Polar H7 transmitter
    iPhone 4s or 5
    Why the iPhone 4s & 5? Because bluetooth 4 is required.

    Polar Beat Review
    In the Polar Beat app, you will be able to see the history of your training sessions as well as your personal best ...

  • SKORA Review: Running Reform

    Running Reform is the website of Dr. Kevin Maggs D.C. He is a chiropractor of 16 years, Director for Active Release Technique for the REV3 Triathlons, and an endurance athlete. Running Reform has a wealth of knowledge for athletes of all levels. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

    It was good to see someone recognize and acknowledge this often overlooked characteristic of the SKORA R01 design:

    One aspect of the shoe which I love is the lack of medial, lateral and posterior flaring ...

  • X-1 Waterproof Smartphone Armband

    Many endurance athletes bring their smartphones with them while out training. Perhaps they enjoy listening to music, podcasts, or use the phone as a GPS. Whatever the reasons, having a proper case to protect such a valuable device is important.

    Here in the Pacific NW of the US, we receive our fair share of rain showers. Having a well build and waterproof smartphone case is a wise investment. The X-1 (previously H20 Audio) Amphibx case has done a fantastic job throughout many types of ...

  • Product Review - Brite Buds

    For safety reasons, I have never been one to run outside with earphones in both ears. For years I have cut off one of the cords on most of my earphones so I could run with music or podcasts in one ear, and have the other ear free to hear traffic, other runners, cyclists, etc. You know how when you listen to music and you will hear something different in both ears? Well by cutting off a cord, I was missing out on some of my music! In 2011 Far End Gear introduced a single earbud that combined ...

  • Review: Second Wind

    Second Wind is a book that practices what it preaches. It is a complete work of minimalism. From the cover, its description of proper running form and footwear, the low page count, to the easy to read words of the author, Levi Dodd.

    Contrary to many other running technique books, Second Wind is very simplistic. While others may be full of research talking about how there is no scientific basis behind arch or pronation types or studies about injury rates among athletes with different types of ...