• All About "The Zone"

    We've all felt it, that zone when everything sees to work effortlessly.

    Perhaps it was during a run. Perhaps it was during a life or death situation or while at your desk where time disappeared and words effortlessly flow from your brain to the word document.

    No matter what the circumstances were, where you were at, or what the activity actually was, the zone can be experienced.

    A new book has been released called The Rise of Superman, and its topic is that coveted "zone".

    "This is our ...

  • Real Food Supplementation

    Here at SKORA, our motto is Run Real.

    We also believe in being real to our customers and followers as well as being real in our shoe design.

    At the same time, we also believe in eating real.

    Below is a how to guide on Real Food Supplementation

    In early 2012 there was a study done at Appalachian State University in North Carolina seeking to determine if bananas could be an adequate substitute to a carbohydrate beverage during a 75km cycling time trial. The researchers noted that even though the ...

  • Dress for Success!

    Can dressing like a faster runner, help you run faster?

    Researchers have found that putting on a white lab coat and associating it with doctors or scientists can help you concentrate and make fewer errors.

    "The researchers at Northwestern University say that people associate the clothing with care and attentiveness, and therefore show 'heightened attention' to tasks when attired accordingly."

    During testing, "On those confusing items, people wearing the lab coats made around half as many ...

  • Barefoot Running as Strength Training

    Lets look at a couple studies and discuss how to apply them to training.

    The first is a five month study titled Effect Of Increased Mechanical Stimuli On Foot Muscles Functional Capacity was done to look at how muscles adapted to wearing minimal shoes compared to more traditional footwear.

    The intervention was putting an experimental group of 25 athletes into minimal shoes for their warm up training, while the 25 members of the control group wore traditional training shoes.

    In this ...

  • Shoe Type, Footstrike Pattern, and Injury Incidence

    Relationships Among Self-reported Shoe Type, Footstrike Pattern, and Injury Incidence is the title of a recent study from Goss and Gross in the Doctoral Program in Physical Therapy at the US Army-Baylor University.

    2,509 runners completed an anonymous online survey. These people were asked about their choices in footwear, their footstrike, past injuries, and their running habits. 1,605 of the runners were excluded from the questionnaire due to incomplete data or if they very recently have ...

  • Decreased Athletic Performance in Hot Environments

    It is commonly believed that reduced athletic performance in hot environments is due to an increase in the core temperature of the athlete. In this post, we are going to look at some research that may hint to a different cause.

    In this study, ten male cyclists performed two 20k time trials, one in a HOT trial of 95 degrees Fahrenheit and the other in a COOL trial at 59 degrees Fahrenheit. Rectal temperature, core temperature, power output, and the integrated electromyographic (iEMG) activity ...